Nov. 10th, 2009 09:29 pm
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Sebastian's been sick for the past few days. He's had a sore throat, an intermittant temperature just under 101, and complains of nausea sometimes. His doctor doesn't think it's swine flu (although nearly half of his school has swine flu now), more likely a cold; but he's had to stay home the past couple of days.

Tonight he asked me to go upstairs early. He'd found Pitter-Pat, the stuffed toy ant that I'd bought for him a while ago; he'd been lost under the bed. He set up Pitter-Pat's bed in a little box, with an old Spider-man mask for a blanket.

Once we got upstairs, he wanted to lie down and rest in his bed. This was EXTREMELY unusual, because it was nearly three hours before his bedtime! We lay down, and after a few minutes I found myself thinking that some music would be nice. I didn't say a word, but he got up. I asked what he was doing, and he said he was going to go turn on the TV in our bedroom and turn it to the New Age channel. I was amazed, because that was just what I'd been thinking of doing!

So we went to the bedroom and turned on the music. We chatted a little; he said how nice it was to relax. And then we both fell asleep.

Fortunately it wasn't hard at all to wake up up just enough to get him back into his own bed a few hours later, when Teri came upstairs. And he fell asleep again almost instantly. What a good boy!

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