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Nov. 27th, 2008 12:39 pm
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Happy birthday, [ profile] joiseyguy. It must be weird having it on Thanksgiving. But it's got to be better than having it on Christmas!

Which I don't, incidentally. I wouldn't want to be misinterpreted. :D
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I just wanted to wish a happy Thanksgiving for everyone who celebrates it. And for those who don't, happy Thursday!\

We're heading out to my brother's place for dinner with the family. I anticipate extreme fullness. :D
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I don't want to write much about this, because it's bothering me and worrying me very much.

We were with my family for Thanksgiving, and some of us went out for a while to play catch and frisbee. Sebastian got hit right in the tooth with the frisbee. There was a sickening crack, and nearly half his tooth got knocked out.

It's a very large chip, but there doesn't seem to be any exposed nerve or blood. We had a hell of a time reaching an emergency dentist, but when we finally did, a very nice one took time from his Thanksgiving dinner to listen to the situation. Later, our own dentist called back.

Both agreed that it sounded as if the problem were only cosmetic. We'll book an appointment on Monday, since our dentist isn't available earlier. They can't re-attach the chip, but they should be able to bond some sort of replacement.

God, it looks awful. It's broken from nearly at the gum on the left side, and the entire biting surface is gone. It's a razor-sharp point on the other side. But at least I can't see any sign that the break extends into the pulp. I hope to god he doesn't need a root canal, or to have the tooth pulled and replaced.

Sebastian also apparently cut his lip when the frisbee hit, since there was a fair amount of blood in his mouth. He was scared silly, of course, and kept saying he didn't want it to have happened. He was so upset that he threw up his entire Thanksgiving dinner a bit later.

We drove home. He said he wanted to be home and go to sleep. He slept quite a bit in the car, and when we got here (a little while ago, he sat in bed for a while. But he didn't seem sleepy, so Teri took him downstairs to watch TV.

God, I wish this hadn't happened. I feel so bad for him. I hope it can just be fixed, and he never has to worry about it again for the rest of his life.

Update: Unfortunately after a little research, it seems that it will be a life-long issue for him after all. The tooth can be restored by a bonding process, but the replacement only lasts ten years. After that, I guess it will have to be replaced again. It may sound ridiculous that this is breaking my heart...but it is.
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Cosmic Laughter; Science Fiction for the Fun of It Cosmic Laughter; Science Fiction for the Fun of It by Joe Haldeman

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars

And they say that science fiction can't be funny?

Joe Haldeman proved them wrong in 1974 with Cosmic Laughter: Science Fiction for the Fun of It. It was a collection of nine stories by nine very funny authors. Unfortunately the book was not a great commercial success. It wasn't long before it was out of print, and in those days before the rise of the world wide web and online book searches, it was almost impossible to find a copy outside of a library. You wouldn't believe what I had to do to get my copy.

But times change, and Cosmic Laughter eventually came back into print - which is good news for all fans of science fiction and humor.

Some of the stories have gone on to become quite well known in the SF field. Others, unfortunately, have been forgotten. But that's a pity, because Haldeman demonstrated a rare sense of humor as a compiler.

The stories:
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It just occurred to me that Kuttner's Gallagher is not the only comic SF series protagonist who is a genius inventor in his subconscious, but not in his conscious mind. The same is true of Papa Schimmelhorn, the hero of Reginald (R.) Bretnor's Schimmelhorn stories ( Schimmelhorn File and Schimmelhorn's Gold). There are many other funny science fiction writers, come to think of it; in retrospect, there could have been a whole series of Cosmic Laughters, featuring the humor of Fredric Brown, Ron Goulart, and Robert Sheckley (among others). But Cosmic Laughter is an excellent introduction to some of the funniest stories and authors in the fantasy and science fiction genre.

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