Jan. 7th, 2009

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Apparently there's a good chance that LiveJournal will disappear, so here's my insanejournal. Please friend me there.

I'm not giving up on LJ, but I think I'm going to start parallel-posting. The problem is that I have NO friends on IJ right now, so all of my friends-only posts will be me-only there by default.

If you have an IJ, please let me know so I can add you to my flist. If you don't have an IJ...please consider getting one, just for safety's sake? They're free, after all, and it really does look as if LJ could close down at any moment.

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Jan. 7th, 2009 10:06 pm
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A couple of days ago the blind in Sebastian's room broke. It couldn't be repaired or replaced. He's on the second floor and no one can see in, so we haven't bought a new one yet.

Anyway, not long ago I remembered that the tape player we use to play lullabies in his room (when I'm not singing to him) is also a radio. So I've been putting on an NPR jazz station at night for him. For some reason, he really likes jazz.

Lying on the bed in the dark with him, listening to jazz and looking out the window at the dim city light in the night, is really special.


Jan. 7th, 2009 10:17 pm
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He had to write nine sentences tonight, incorporating nine words. But he rushed through it, with poor handwriting (it's hard for him, poor little guy). And some of the sentences didn't really make sense. Teri and I agreed that he needed to do it over.

Man, did he kick up a fuss! He screeched and cried for a long time. We kept trying to get him to start writing, but he finally screamed so much that I sent him to his room for fifteen minutes. While he was up there he got very upset (he hates to be alone on a floor), and kept crying and calling for me. I told him he could come down and start his homework...but he was just hysterical at that point, and scared. He kept talking about a nightmare he said he'd had the night before. I finally had to stand at the foot of the stairs and tell him to come to the door. Once he saw me (he was sobbing uncontrollably) he was able to come down the stairs. It was simultaneously heartbreaking and unbearably funny, and I had to struggle desperately not to laugh or smile.

We were watching Governor Don ("the Don") Carchieri make an address about the desperate need to screw public schools and teachers in order to balance the budget. As if our schools didn't suck enough! I'm glad Sebastian is out of the public school system, and safe from all that...but I'm sorry for the many kids in Woonsocket's hell-schools who will probably suffer further cuts. We're going to destroy a whole generation on the altar of the greed of Bush's Wall Street cronies...

Anyway, Sebastian had already lost DS and Wii privileges for the evening. But he curled up on the couch. He asked if he could do his homework there, and Teri immediately said no. But I had a private conversation with her, and we agreed that Sebastian could try to do his homework there on a one-time-only trial basis. If he did a good job, he'd get to do it again.

And sure enough, he did a really good job! We had to coax and prod him a bit, of course; it was late, and he was tired. But I put a tray on his lap, and he finished the whole thing. What's more, his handwriting was much better. It was actually kind of startling.

So it looks like he'll get to try that again. Although we'll need to find something to watch on TV that won't distract him; maybe some jazz from one of the music-only station. Or we could turn the TV off, of course. :D


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