Sep. 26th, 2010

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The Questor TapesThe Questor Tapes by D.C. Fontana

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How can I review this book impartially? It's the novelization of a Gene Roddenberry TV movie/pilot that I've been a fan of for a long time.

The pilot wasn't picked up, unfortunately. But The Questor Tapes remains an intriguing and deeply enjoyable movie. Veteran Star Trek writer D.C. Fontana did a fine job of novelizing the story of an android with incomplete programming, searching for the riddle of his existence with the help of a human friend - and with the usual Javert figure in pursuit.

As I said, I'm not sure what I would have thought of this book if I'd never seen the movie. But as a novelization, and compared to other novelizations that I've read, it works very well. Fontana must have worked from a late script, or even written the manuscript after the movie was filmed; there are none of those annoying omissions that so often mar novelizations which are based on early scripts.

There's humor, and moments of thoughtfulness. There's a quasi-religious element to the plot and some religious philosophizing that I find slightly irritating (and I'm not usually that sensitive to that sort of thing, believe it or not), but those were present in the original movie. All in all, a very enjoyable book.

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It wasn't easy, but tonight I finally managed to hook up the Roku Netflix player that my dad had given me a while ago. Let me tell you: it's a HELL of a lot easier to get Netflix to work with a Wii than with the Roku player! But eventually I got everything to work, so we can watch Netflix on the upstairs TV. All in all, I think we're all pleased with Netflix.

My parents got us a family membership to the Roger Williams Zoo the last time they visited us, so we used it by going to the zoo today. We also invited one of Sebastian's friends from school to join us on an impromptu play date. We all had a lot of fun, though neither Teri nor I was feeling our best. One odd thing: the zoo closes at 4PM! On a beautiful early-fall Saturday, that makes no sense at all.

We spent around three hours at the zoo, and only got to see about half of it. We told the boys that we could come back and see the rest of it soon.

I really need to unload the pictures and video from my phone and camera!


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