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This topic bothers me, but I have a hard time not replying to this sort of question.

"Do you approve of our government using predator aircraft to strike at terrorist targets?"

Oh hell, I assume that this is political.

I think that if it's wrong when some other country does it, it's wrong when we do it.

But I am, apparently, alone in that opinion.

[A few people spoke up to agree with me. But then the torture-supporters swarmed the board, and they sure do love torture and assassination. One idiot (Rock, inevitably) brought up the old "So we just sit back and let terrorists shelter themselves behind the innocent?"]

Advocates of torture and assassination love to set up extreme hypotheticals, and then use them as license to commit every imaginable atrocity.

"A terrorist might strap babies all over his body as living armor and go on a killing spree, so our people need the right to torture babies to death whenever they want!".

They present us with a false dichotomy: either we become as evil as everything we claim to oppose, or else we lie back helpless and wait for our enemies to kill us. Anyone with half a brain knows that there are other options, and that often those options are MORE effective than violating our basic moral codes.
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