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Can anyone explain this new find-your-email-address feature to me? I just don't understand it - I'm a little tired and slow today.
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For the record: More and more of my posts have been friends-only as the years have gone by. If you're not a member of LiveJournal and if you're not on my friends list, you are seeing less than half of the posts that I write these days.

The good news is that it's not hard to get on my flist. Just comment or email me with a request, and I'll almost certainly add you. Of course you have to be a member of LJ, but memberships are free and carry no responsibilities.
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It has gotten awfully quiet here lately! Is everyone in a state of silent terror because of the economy, I wonder?
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Odd comments have been appearing on certain old entries in my journal. All of them are anonymous. The IP is logged, but that doesn't tell me much.

Some of them are obviously spam. I'm deleting those as I get around to it. Others are, well, basically friendly but don't seem to have much relation to the topic of the post.

Any idea what all that's about?

Also, it has come to my attention that there are lurkers here, people who read my journal who may (or may not) be somehow connected with me. That's fine, of course; I assumed that was the case anyway. But just FYI, more and more of my posts lately have been friends-only, and some are even on restricted filters (such as politics, for example). If you want access to the friends-only posts, all you need is an LJ account (they're free) and to drop me a line...oh, and to reciprocate by adding me to YOUR flist, even if you never write a single entry.

Blog survey

Sep. 7th, 2008 10:16 pm
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For some reason I was asked to participate in a blog survey for a graduate thesis. It was long, oddly phrased, and had several redundancies, but some of my answers were (I thought) interesting enough to save here.

I'm paraphrasing the questions because I don't remember them precisely.

Why do you keep a blog?
1. To create a record of my life, preserving memories that I don't want to forget.
2. To record memorable events in my son's life as he grows up, both for his sake and mine.
3. To have a forum to write ideas and opinions that don't fit in to my other online projects.
4. To have a single location to record copies of posts I make elsewhere online.
5. To get feedback on my thoughts.
6. To get myself into the habit of writing regularly, with the eventual goal of professional publication.
7. To network socially, making new friends and staying in touch with old ones.
8. To share online discoveries with friends.
9. To buttress my social life, which dwindled greatly after I graduated from college, got married, and started a family.

How has keeping a blog enhanced your life?
It has enhanced it enormously in many ways.

Even before blogging as such was available, I was very involved in zine-writing for amateur press associations, which were effectively the paper equivalent of zines. I participated in or published an APA from 1991-2001.

Once online, I maintained a proto-blog on a section of my website as early as 2000. When I became aware of blogging as such, the convenience of the format impressed me greatly - and I've never looked back.

One thing about blogging: by allowing me to create a very detailed record of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences, it offers me a sort of virtual immortality. When I write in my blog, the thought that some day my young son will read it and think of me, even after I'm gone, is part of what shapes my thinking.
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I'm up too late, but I have have three quick things I want to post. This is the first one:

You know what would be awfully useful for me? A wiki about me. So if I took an antibiotic, for example, I could note my reactions to it for later reference, if necessary. I could put down my opinions about the issues and personalities of the day. My healing time from injuries. That sort of thing.

Basically much of the same information I have here in my journal, but in easily-searchable wiki form. Just a thought.

LJ War?

Aug. 21st, 2008 03:16 pm
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If Russia and the USA go to war (on a limited non-nuclear basis), do you think that our journals would be imperiled?
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I almost forgot: I don't know if anyone is tracking it, but I've annotated and posted a shitload of zines on my RQ site lately. Twenty-three of them since late June. Just in case you're desperate for something to read. I haven't given up on the sheetless roleplaying article, but it's basically gone into slow-motion for a while. I'll definitely finish it within a month or so, though.

LJ Backup
I've been manually backing up my LJ. Did all of 2003 (it was only half a year anyway), and am up to October 2004. It's a bit tedious, particularly since none of those old posts are tagged at all. I've been adding tags to them before backing them up, which definitely slows the process down. On the other hand, this means that there are a lot more posts that have been tagged; politics and Sebastian in particular have expanded a lot.

I don't know if anyone here is a fan of Shogun (the novel by James Clavell), but if you are, or if you're interested in Japanese history, you might find this interesting: Learning from Shogun - Japanese History and Western Fantasy. It's a PDF with a number of academic essays about the novel and how it relates to the actual Japanese culture of the time. It's a bit disillusioning, in places, but that's inevitable. There's also an essay by one asshole of a professor who made up a clever little bit of wordplay to insult fans of the novel and ignorant Japanophile Westerners in general; he's so pleased with himself over his little coinage that he uses it about five hundred times in his essay, filling me with a powerful urge to kick him in the balls, hard. Still, the rest of the essays are pretty interesting.
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Ridiculous as it may sound, my journal here is the largest body of writing that I've ever produced. It contains more of my thoughts than anything in the world, apart from my brain of course! :D

I'd like to be able to preserve it. Partly, I must admit, because the thought of death has been on my mind lately; I want to think that there will be at least something left of me that people will remember, Sebastian most of all.

The problem is that LJ-archive won't work for my journal. As far as I can tell, there must be a comment somewhere in the journal that contains some sort of code which is violently incompatible with LJ-archive; not only will it not archive my journal, but it completely destroyed the archive I had. Nothing in my journal has been preserved.

I went over and begged for help several times on the LJ-archive community and in other places, but had no luck. Mostly there was no response at all. I did some research online, and still found nothing. So I'm giving up on LJ-archive.

But I don't trust the Russian owners of LJ any more. They may decide to pull the plug at any moment, or hold all our journals hostage, or...well...who knows? So I need to figure out a way to make a backup or copy of my journal somehow.

One way would be to print it all out in hardcopy. But that would be a huge project, and occupy an enormous amount of paper. It simply isn't practical.

Perhaps I could use some other software? I don't think there are any alternatives to LJ-archive, though. There are other site-grabbing programs, of course, but will they be able to log in to my account and grab hidden posts? Probably not.

So I may have to simply "print" all of my entries as Adobe Acrobat files. I'd probably set up a folder structure to organize them by year and month, with the files themselves dated appropriately. That way I could also save my voice posts, and I believe the links in my posts would be functional.

Does that sound reasonable? Am I missing something? Can anyone suggest a better way?
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If you haven't heard, SUP has eliminated Basic accounts, going forward. So now new people will either have to pay or have lots of ads plastered all over their journals.

This was mentioned as a possibility to the LJ Advisory board a while back, and their reaction was that it was a terrible idea. So we now know just how much SUP respects the Advisory board, i.e. not at all.

There seems to be a pattern here. Bad things happen to LJ, bad decisions are made, and the user base is lied to again and again. When bad stuff happens some users go away, some complain, and some - the assholes of LJ, as I like to call them - trot out the old "They need to make money, if you don't like it go somewhere else" line. As far as I can tell, LJ is in a continuing state of decline and will not recover.

So...what do you see as the future of LJ? What big changes/surprises will SUP or any future owners have for us? Speculate wildly, if you like!
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Has anyone else noticed some obnoxious pop-up ads on LJ in the last day or two? I'd never noticed them before. They seem to be sponsored by LJ, too.


Sep. 26th, 2007 09:40 pm
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Boy am I behind on journal entries! I'll admit it: I've been spending all my time on Askville, answering questions. It's addictive, and a hell of a lot of fun.

I'm now level one in six categories: add Books and Politics to the list. Leveling it a bit odd, because it can take several days, up to a week before your answer gets rated. So there can be no activity for a while, and then suddenly you spurt upwards. And there isn't any notification about leveling, so you have to just notice the change in your Experience Points box.

I tried to call in a post from Ruggles station today, but kept getting a three-toned beep and the canned message that I wasn't allowed to call that number from the current service area. I was able to call it from Franklin, but didn't have the time to stay on the line and actually make an entry.

To jump to another topic, Sebastian: today he had a Bike-A-Thon. It's for children with cancer, I think. He had a lot of fun on his new bike, but apparently did crash into a wall once. No harm done, though, and it gave him an exciting story to tell us later.
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I've been trying to join the [ profile] armenian community for a month now. But despite several attempts, a comment on an entry including a link to an Armenian recipe in my journal, and a direct comment/request to one of the maintainers, I'm still not a member and I've received no response whatsoever.

It's a pity, because there was no discussion at all in the community about the recent ADL/Armenian genocide contrempts in Watertown MA. And now it's probably too late. The community itself is active, but I can only assume that the moderators aren't moderating, or something. Annoying!
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I tried to comment on the post over in News about the suspension mess, because it has been bothering me a bit more lately. But comments just maxed out this morning.

I realize that I might as well write this on a piece of paper and throw it off the roof of the John Hancock building; nobody is going to read this who can do anything about it. But I might as well record it for myself, so that the next time Six Apart fucks up I'll have a record to point to.

Although that won't matter, either.

I haven't been closely following this whole mess - one of the advantages of having a tiny flist, I guess - but I will say that personally, I didn't trust Six Apart much to begin with, and I don't trust them AT ALL now.

Since this suspension screw-up, every time I'm on LJ I can't help but feel that it's not so much a community any more - it's a corporate product. And the people in charge honestly couldn't give a crap about me or anyone else here, as long as they can maximize their advertising revenue.

Which includes Brad, by the way - I'm pretty disgusted with his response, too.

I don't want to believe that everyone who gets some power, authority, or money turns into an asshole. But the evidence keeps mounting every day.

Six Apart sucks.
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Congratulations, LJ, the new posting page has broken the spellcheck feature of the Google Toolbar - and believe me, I miss it already. For one thing, it was a HELL of a lot more convenient to use than the built-in LJ check. And it had a customizable dictionary, with a lot of words I'd added over the last year or so.

In fact, I actually took my last post, opened up a comment box on an entry in my journal, and pasted it there in order to spell-check it. And then I copied the results, closed the comment window without posting, and pasted the comments back into the posting page.


Has anyone else had this problem?
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Is it just me, or is LJ freezing a LOT this morning? I'm getting a bit pissed off, because I'm trying to comment on some of my flist, only to look up from the keyboard to see that nothing is happening. Just that damned hourglass. Very annoying...
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When I became a paid member I turned on the feature that sent a copy of all comments to me via email - both comments on my journal, and any comments I make on anyone else's journal or community.

Here's the odd thing: about 10% of the comments that are made on my journal are coming in blank. That is, I get an email saying:

X (X) replied to your LiveJournal post in which you said:
>blah blah blah

Their reply was:


- View the discussion:
- View all comments on the entry:
- Reply to the comment:
- Delete the comment:

The comment is still there after the entry on my actual journal, but the email is blank. Has anyone else had this happen? I've opened a support ticket, just wondering if I was the only one.


Jan. 29th, 2006 09:15 pm
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What the hell does this mean?

Click here to see! )

Quick note

Jan. 25th, 2006 03:18 pm
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I will get back to everyone who has commented - AND comment on my flist, to the best of my ability. I appreciate you all a lot more since that long dry spell.

But I've been beyond busy lately.

While I'm here, though, a quick note for no good reason: last night I stepped on a thing. It might have been a short length of pencil lead from a mechanical pencil. Or it might have been a needle. Or it might have been a carpet tack with the head broken off. I don't know.

Whatever it was, it ended up piercing the sole of my left foot. And it took Teri about ten minutes of probing with needle-sharp tweezers to get it out.

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Now that I know that I didn't lose the interest of 95% of my flist, I'm amazed at how much better I feel. In a way, it's a little disturbing.

We also just got our car (which had been making scary smells and noises for a while) fixed, and the damage wasn't too severe; under $400. That's still bad, but we can scrape it together.

But all in all, I'm definitely feeling up. Best of all, now I can write in my journal without feeling like a whore! And one that nobody wanted to hire, mind you.

One more post, then bedtime for me.


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