Oct. 30th, 2006 10:46 am
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Yesterday Sebastian went to have his five-year-old pictures taken. The last few times hadn't gone well; the people at The Picture Place really didn't seem to be able to take good pictures. And it wasn't that Sebastian wasn't posing well, or anything like that. Usually the problem was that the pictures were coming out so incredibly dark that you could hardly see his features.

This time they'd switched to digital equipment, and the results were a hundred times better. And he posed wonderfully. So as a reward, Teri's mother bought him a Superman costume for his bear, Harry Bear, from Build-A-Bear. He'd have preferred Spiderman, but they were all out.

Anyway, this morning I was riding in the back seat with Sebastian, who of course had brought Superbear with him. As we played and talked, I had an outbreak of geekiness. I noticed that Superbear had a utility belt with an odd symbol on it; I didn't remember the symbol from the comics or movies. But it any case it suddenly struck me that it was ridiculous for Superman to wear a utility belt. It was a pure rip-off of Batman!

"Sebastian, why does Superman wear a utility belt? He doesn't need it! He has super-strength, super-hearing, x-ray and heat vision...he even has super-breath! Why does he need a utility belt?"

"To hold up his pants, Daddy!"
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I just found a functional archive of Space Moose strips and annotations. In case, you know, you needed a Space Moose fix.

For those who don't know, Space Moose is absolutely filthy and disgusting. And extremely funny.
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Just a note to myself, more than anything: today (Sunday, May 29) I saw a comic in the paper that amazed me. It was one of those boring-old-fart strips, "Crankshaft", which I only was reading out of pure desperation.

Unfortunately the online strip archive seems to be two weeks behind the times, so I have to remember to look for it two weeks from now.

Here's what it said:
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Trust my friend Bunche to find funny comic-book-related stuff.

Pretty damn funny, although at points it almost gets, well, sort of insane - kind of like My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable. Not the "Get Your War On" part, the other parts.

In all fairness, you might call some of it R-rated. But we're all grown-ups here. I hope.
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Have you ever heard about the almost-banned old Popeye comic strip? The one where Wimpy keeps asking Popeye for a hamburger, and offers to trade a cow that he just inherited?

Go here. You may need to copy and paste the picture into an image viewer to be able to read the text, because it's set to display at way too small a size. Or your browser may offer you the option to view it at 100%. But at 100% of resolution the text IS readable - barely.

It's surprisingly sick, and really funny.
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Sigh. I tried to scan Kaspar, the Dead Baby, but ran into a lot of problems.

For one thing, the originals I have are much too big for the scanner I have access to - they're 11x17. I reduced them on a digital copier beforehand, but the reduced copies had lot a lot of detail and were still too large for the scanner. But I didn't realize that until I was actually trying to scan them.

I ended up having to scan them in two pieces each, mostly, but the images just wouldn't join up properly - it's a fairly cheap scanner. The first page was the only one that fit completely in a single scan.

This is frustrating, to put it mildly! If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Meanwhile, here's a very poor rendition of the first page. Notice that a LOT of detail is missing - for example, you can't see "The Dead Baby" under the name "Kaspar" at all.


Sep. 24th, 2004 08:43 pm
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I have in my hands something very rare and precious, thanks to the coolest guy I know. With any luck I will be able to scan it and somehow make it available online:

Casper, The Dead Baby!

The official title is actually "Kaspar, The Dead Baby in 'DIE, my baby, DIE!'"

These are 11x17 inch photocopies which I believe are from the original publication art, or in-house archive copies. I'm not sure I have access to a scanner that can take an image that size. If not, though, I'll find one.

Also on my to-do list is "The Story of Beef".

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This was originally a comment follow-up to my last post, but it should really have been a post.

The Dark Dungeons parodies linkpage I posted has mostly broken links. Here are some good ones:

I wonder how long it will be before all these links are broken?
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(This is a review I just wrote at the IMDB.)

Last night I watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on HBO. Big mistake.


Two reasons: I'd read the graphic novel, and my IQ is over 73.

Just seconds into the film I was already shaking my head. Both in small details and large, they'd managed to completely botch the job. Painful dialog. Embarrassing special effects. Incredibly annoying characters. A script obviously written with dull-witted seven-year-old boys in mind.

I'm trying to envision the Hollywood idiots who sat around a conference table and destroyed Alan Moore's witty and intelligent graphic novel. But then I cringe, because by all accounts Sean Connery was one of them. He must be quite a bit dumber than I had hoped.

I can't remember which scene first made me say "Good lord, that's even worse than I dreamed possible!", but I know I said it more than once.

Oh, and "Venice". I've been to Venice, and Senator, that's no Venice. The one thing EVERYONE in the world knows is that Venice has no streets, only canals! So what do they do? Have a car racing all over huge, completely non-existent streets in Venice.

Why? What were they thinking?

So many other things to insult the viewer. A "graveyard" in Venice. The enormous Nautilus cruising easily though canals that in the real world aren't 1/100th wide or deep enough to fit it. I can't go on. It's just too awful.

Do yourself a huge favor and read the graphic novel instead of seeing this turkey.
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Man-Thing vs. Swamp Thing?

Omac vs. Grimjack?

Dreadstar vs. Adam Warlock?

Badger vs. himself?

Sam vs. Max?

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My friend [ profile] klyfix discovered this, but since he didn't put it in his journal, I'm doing it!

This is the start of the strip. There have been about thirty so far, I think.


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