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You want to know what torture is?

The Arisia panel software required me to put a number from 1-5 next to each panel that I was interested in, indicated how badly I wanted to be on it. There were 32 panels that I was interested in, but I can only be on a maximum of 10, total (I suggested more than ten of the panels they're running!). Not only that, but you can only have four panels ranked #1, 2, 3, or 4 each. Fives are unlimited.

After my initial run I had eight panels ranked number one alone. So I just spent quite a while reassigning numbers to the panels I want to be on. Torture!


Aug. 18th, 2010 10:27 pm
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I just wrote a long review, only to have it destroyed when I clicked the "Add Book" link. It's not recoverable. Trying to re-create a piece of writing that felt as if it was really going right may be the single most frustrating experience I know of. From now on, I compose in NotePad.

But I really wish that GoodReads had an auto "save draft" feature.
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Hugely pissed off. The cellular network up here in the Boothbay region is UNUSABLE for data. Wrote a long email to a friend in Gmail, only to have the connection die. The email is lost forever. AT&T and Sprint, your network connection in Maine should be a capital offense!

Tried to call AT&T to complain, and they told me to call back from another phone! Grrrrr...


Apr. 29th, 2009 09:46 am
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I badly need to reboot my day, because I cannot cope with another shitty day. Suggestions please?


Mar. 12th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Okay. I can sit up and worry, or I can go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. I chose the latter.

I AM going to respond to a lot of recent comments and to posts on my flist - I really want to - but right now I'm just not really able to cope. Too worried.
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Why is it that so many commercials lately feature female characters that I can only describe as total bitches? If I see the annoying character below one more time, I'm going to go berserk. One thing's for sure, I'll never buy T Mobile.

Why doesn't her boyfriend get off that counch and A) walk out the door, or B) beat the crap out of her?

There's another annoying commercial for a room-deodorizing spray that lasts for 60 days. At the end the spokeswoman's husband or boyfriend gives her some roses, and she snarks "I wonder if these will last 60 days?". I'd have been delighted if the boyfriend had taken the flowers back, dumped them on her head, and said "Enjoy living with your deodorizer, because I'm outta here!"

Yes, I'm a little cranky this morning. :D
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So I went down to get coffee and a cinnamon swirl from the Fresh City in the lobby this morning. I answered the trivia question (it was an easy one) so my coffee was free. As always when I get coffee, I also grabbed some of the free cinnamon pita chips that they have out.

Now, the containers they put out for the pitas are tiny. They're little things no bigger than the palm of my hand. They used to be larger, but that changed about a year ago.

They're so small that it's almost impossible to get a reasonable amount of chips in there. I usually pile them up a little, and then try to throw the container into my pastry bag before the pile topples.

It occurred to me that this was a stupid thing to do. I don't use the containers; I just eat the chips out of the bag. So this time, instead of using the container, I just put some of the pitas directly into the bag with the tongs.

I did not take a lot - really! It was totally a reasonable amount - two tongfuls, which is less than I could have put in a container. But the cashier rushed over and told me, insofar as I could understand her English, that I had to use the containers that were provided - that otherwise, I should pay for one of the pre-packaged bags.

This made me feel as if I'd been stuffing the bag full of chips, which was absolutely not true. It made me feel like a thief. And it really pissed me off and hurt my feelings.

I've always been friendly with that cashier. I always tip her generously, too - whatever change is left from my purchase I dump into her tip jar, and that's more than 20%. That just ended. And I don't think I'll be going back to Fresh City again. The coffee's not that good, and they really made me feel like shit. I can really hold a grudge, so I'd say that Fresh City is going to take a loss on this morning's little exchange.
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Argh, I was catching up on comments and *&@!ing LiveJournal went down. Could the new servers be unreliable? Wouldn't surprise me.
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Widget, our new kitten, will be going to the vet on Thursday. He's going to be neutered and declawed. And I feel so guilty and bad for him; I can't tell you how guilty I feel.

All I can think of is that, well, he's going to lose his testicles, his chance to reproduce, and essentially the first joint off the end of his "fingers". It's horrifying. I don't want to think about it, but I can't help it. Poor little guy.


Sep. 17th, 2008 09:33 pm
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I missed the train this morning.

That happens more often than I would like. I keep saying "We're going to miss the train! Come on, we have to go!"...and then we don't. We get to the station just in time to see the train pull away.

That's really *&#$ing frustrating.

Since Sebastian has to be on the bus in the mornings, Teri and Sebastian have to leave me at the station even if I miss the train. I was really pissed off this morning, stuck at the station for 45 minutes, so I spent all that time walking up and down the full length of the Franklin/Dean platform. 318 steps, one way. I did it about 14 times.

And now I have a blister on the back of my right heel that's about two inches across. It hurts quite a bit.



Sep. 13th, 2008 10:12 pm
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Today Sebastian fell totally in love with a small kitten at the animal shelter where Teri volunteers. He's a charming little cat; he climbed up onto Teri's shoulders, and jumped onto mine, and purred like a little buzzbox. His name is Widget.

Sebastian got so upset that he refused to leave the room where Widget was. Tears were welling up in his eyes. This wasn't the usual six-year-old fussiness; he was really upset.

I have to admit that Widget charmed me and Teri a lot. We didn't intend to get a third cat. But, well, Teri ended up filling out adoption papers, and I agreed. We'll be picking him up tomorrow.

I'm very nervous. It's an added expense just when we should be saving as much money as possible, and I don't know how our other cats will react. I'm just...nervous.
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Got to bed too late. Couldn't sleep. Then I heard a scream from Sebastian's room just before midnight.

"I'm coming!" I shouted, and ran to his room. He wasn't throwing up, fortunately. He was terrified, though. He told me he was having a nightmare, or a nightmare was going to come to him in eight or eighty-five seconds.

Teri woke up around then. She stayed with him while I got him a fresh glass of water (that usually helps with nightmares).

I'm so fucking tired.
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My brain is basically broken right now.

I have lots that I should be doing; that article about sheetless roleplaying, for example.

I annotated and posted another zine on my site this morning, but I could do another one. I do have it scanned. But I just can't bring myself to do it.

Maybe I should take a walk and get some lunch. But I hear that it's unbearably hot outside, and the air quality is supposed to be positively lethal.

Random note: I found a ton of old zines and editorials and other material on my computer, including a one-shot Babylon 5 zine that I'd completely forgotten. Unfortunately they're all in Publish-It 4.0 format, and while I can open them and print out hardcopies, every time I try to print them to Acrobat format I get this:

I can print out hardcopies and scan them, but then the text won't be searchable or indexable...and it's a lot more work. Plus I can't edit the zines for typos.

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I was going to post this over on an LJ Obama community. But I was blocked, because it's members-only. And now that I think of it, that's a damned good thing. I don't want to deal with the inevitable flaming.

But I did think that someone should warn them, so when Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Hoyer fuck this country up completely, they couldn't claim that nobody warned them.

Well, he lost my vote and my support over that. So did the Democratic leadership. Amnesty for the telecoms? Aiding Bush in covering up widescale violation of the 4th Amendment? Pelosi could have stopped this - instead she voted for it.

The fact is that the Democratic leadership has been trying to cover up their own involvement in this all along. Steny Hoyer and others kept trying to give the telcos - big campaign donors, all - immunity. But I honestly never thought that Obama would go along with them. I guess he's just another lying crook after all.

Time to throw away my vote, I guess. I can't stomach voting for Obama OR McCain, so I'll have to find a third party. Am I happy about that? Not at all. But I'm not going to vote for someone who just sold America's 4th Amendment rights to the highest bidder.

We've had a chance to see what happened when Republicans started compromising their principles for the sake of power and influence, starting with Reagan and ending up with Bush. If the Democratic leadership wants to go that way - and they obviously do - than I, for one, am not willing to take that ride with them. When the party and our country are a ruin and a disgrace, I'll at least have the comfort of knowing that I didn't throw my vote away by supporting either major party candidate, because they're both whores.

Sometimes the answer to Hobson's choice is to just walk away.

I desperately need a new hobby so I can stop paying attention to politics...
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My response to a request for donations from the DNC:

Since the House and Senate leadership - along with Senator Obama - have chosen to aid the Bush administration by voting for telecom amnesty (and please don't try to feed me that line about judicial review - I'm not stupid), this life-long Democrat will neither vote for nor support Obama nor any Democrat who is complicit in this disgusting affair. I'll donate to ActBlue and the ACLU instead. At least THEY'RE not corrupt.

And I'll encourage everyone I know to do the same.

I didn't stop being a Democrat. YOU people did. You disgust me.
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I am bored out of my mind.

I'm also a little depressed because I discovered something about Obama that's a bit disillusioning.

And for the record, Steny Hoyer is a whore who should be tarred, feathered, and run out of Washington on a rail. If you haven't heard, Hoyer - a supposed Democrat - has been scheming to give the telecommunications industry complete amnesty for spying on us all on behalf of the Bush administration. At the same time, he's working it so that he and other Blue Dog Democrats can claim that they didn't "really" support amnesty. That is, when Hoyer's not simply lying his fucking ass off about it. Basically, their "compromise" bill will send the issue to the courts, REQUIRING them to grant total amnesty if the telcos show a permission slip from the Bush Administration.

If I had any money at all, I'd contribute to ActBlue - they're going to go after Hoyer and some of the other so-called Democrats who are sleazing this bill through the House and Senate. Unfortunately one of them is being enthusiastically supported by Barrack Obama. I've written to my representative and Senators, and I'm going to make my first political donation from my next paycheck. I was going to be donating to Obama, but ActBlue will be a better use of the money.

The ACLU and Ron Paul's organization are two of many groups which are opposing telecom amnesty, by the way. And the New York Times had an editorial against it yesterday.

This shit is absolutely unacceptable.

Oh my god

May. 8th, 2008 08:52 am
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I was just composing an article about Hillary over on Open Salon. It was going SO well; I was smiling and laughing at some of the stuff I wrote (and no, it wasn't a mean post).

Do you know what it's like when an article seems to be almost magically writing itself? When the words and jokes flow out so easily and beautifully? That's so fucking rare for me...I can't stand it.

I didn't compose it offline as a text file because I wanted to use some of the special editing features on the site. But when it ocurred to me that I'd better be safe and save, and clicked on "Save draft and preview", fucking Open Salon LOST MY ARTICLE COMPLETELY! And I stupidly didn't save a copy of the text first; I was lost in a warm creative glow.

This is so fucking painful. I can't stand it. I'm done with Open Salon for good.
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I got on the train at Forge Park this morning. As it pulled into the next stop - Dean College - there was a sudden, violent jerk. It felt as if there had almost been a crash.

Unfortunately my knee must have been in just the wrong place at the wrong time. There are some blunt corners on each seat-back, and the jerk jammed one of them into the space under the edge of my kneecap. Instantly I was plunged into violent, blinding pain such as I've rarely experienced. It was so severe that I doubled over, and was barely able to keep from vomiting. The pain lasted for several minutes, which was a long time, believe me.

I hate the MBTA.
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At 2:28 AM I was instantly snapped awake by a shriek from Sebastian's room, followed by loud sobs. Teri managed to stay asleep - I wish I could have.

"What's the matter, Sebastian?" I called as clearly as I could, trying not to wake Teri.

"I can't sleep, and I haven't been able to sleep for half the night!" he wailed.

So I went into his room and sang every lullaby I knew. After that I put on the "Golden Slumbers" tape and lay next to him. By the time I got back to my own bed it was 4:27, and I had less than 90 minutes before I had to get up.

I am so fucking tired.


Jan. 8th, 2008 10:55 am
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Ever had a hangover?

I haven't. But this morning I'm bleary-eyed, achey, tired, and not thinking very well. From everything I've read about hangovers, all I need is nausea and I'd be there.

I'm reading The Jewel In The Crown for the first time, and Blue Oyster Cult's "Vengeance: The Pact" is on eternal repeat for no particular reason that I can think of.

I suppose I should write something, but my brain isn't working very well. Some random stuff:

Why do people say that Obama is post-baby boom? He's 46. I'm 43, and I was born in the last year of the baby boom - 1964.

Yes, I'll be at Arisia. Sorry to have made such a fuss. Now I feel stupid.

I'd like to write something about writing (fiction)...maybe later.

Someone at work suggested that Obama was likely to be assassinated. I answered that if he was, he'd be our next JFK...but if he wasn't, I feared that he'd be our next Jimmy Carter. And not the saintly post-Presidency Carter, but the relatively ineffective and compromising Carter of 1976-1980. I hope I'm wrong.

If there was a candidate who was promising a 4-day workweek (of eight hour days), they'd have my vote. Why isn't any candidate running on giving US workers the same amount of time off as workers in Europe?

I want sleep.

Just in case you were wondering, this is stream-of-consciousness journal writing.

I had this conversation with Teri while we were driving, and she said I should put it in my journal. I was dubious. Let's see who's right.

She wondered if there were straight male prostitutes who were forced into the work by pimps. I suggested that straight male prostitution was probably more likely to be found in the high end of the social scale, where the managers would be unrecognizable as pimps, and physical force would not be a factor - in other words, that there was likely to be some measure of consent. Why? The physical factor. You can force a woman to be a prostitute, but forcing a man is a much trickier proposition - simply because in order to satisfy a customer all a woman has to do is lie there (I recognize that this is a simplification) while a man has to have an erection. It's awfully difficult to force someone to have an erection against their will!

Teri pointed out that the pimps could force the males to take viagra (or whichever medication lasts for 48 hours; that would be best, I suppose).

I hadn't thought of that. I wonder if it's happening? Probably.

What a stupid world this is.


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