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If anyone is looking for a RuneQuest game in the northern Rhode Island area (or knows someone who is), I have an opening or two in my current campaign, The Cave of Worlds. It's a multi-genre game based on classic RQIII, with modifications as necessary. The campaign features worlds based on numerous sources, including original settings as well as those inspired by literature and media. Emphasis is on roleplaying, exploration, and fun rather than combat.

We normally play on Saturday afternoons from noon to 5pm in Woonsocket, RI, although we're probably going to be playing on Sundays instead during the summer. Current players cover a thirty-year age spread, and range from highly experienced to relative newcomers to RPGs. A good sense of humor and imagination are all that's needed, along with a reasonable amount of emotional maturity. Experience is NOT required.

Some session writeups can be found at


D&D 3.5

Jan. 24th, 2011 10:30 pm
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Can anyone recommend a good D&D 3.5 character sheet that can be filled out electronically?
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I may have posted this before, but here's a list of almost all of my characters. There are a few others that Sebastian had me create; they're all fighters, and they're low-level and boring. If I start getting serious with any of them, I'll list them.

I'm always on Maelstrom unless it's down, by the way.

Maelstrom server

Omacmage - level 25 human mage/herbalist/alchemist
Lukemac - level 19 human fighter/miner/blacksmith
Domac - level 9 dwarf paladin/tailor/enchanter
Omacblade - level 6 human fighter/skinner/leatherworker
Linkomac - level 5 draenai hunter (no skills yet - he'll probably be jewel/inscription)

Omacsham - level 15 Tauren shaman/skinner/leatherworker
Holylink - level 3 blood elf paladin (no skills yet)

Farstriders server

Nomac - level 4 night elf rogue

Deadmac - level 2 undead priest
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Once again no one I knew was on last night. *sigh*

I ran my fighter, Lukemac, and got him up to 19th level. I think I'll take him into a battleground soon. I wish I'd known earlier that battlegrounds were a good way to get experience, as long as you're between a "6" and "9" level (that is, in the last digit of your level).

One odd thing: lately I've been suddenly losing my weapon, and find myself fighting unarmed. I don't know if I'm starting to encounter enemies with some sort of disarm ability, or if something is screwed up. I have my weapon on an icon, so I can re-arm after a hit or two, but it's annoying. Particularly since my unarmed skill is virtually nil! I think I'll go into a low-level area and spend some time punching level-1 wolves to death, just to get the skill up. :D
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I don't want to get involved in something that has huge responsibilities, but if I could find a good group for my fighter to quest with, that would be cool. Does anyone have any advice?
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I was bored with WoW for the first time last night. Nobody I knew was on (except for a moment or two), and there wasn't a lot I could do. The Horde was rampaging everywhere my characters were, so after I took my fighter on a long run through the Wetlands to get another flight path, I packed it in.

I was hoping to get him to Darnassus to learn how to use a bow, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Oh, and I tried a battleground with my mage; unfortunately everyone else was four levels higher, so I just got killed over and over and over...
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The servers went down last night, and then Teri called me, so I didn't get to do any party questing. But I badly wanted some stranglekelp herb for my mage - many of his potions use it, and I've never seen it before - so I spent the late evening swimming the coast of Westfall.

It was kind of interesting. I gathered about 40 stanglekelps, perhaps a few more. They were virtually all out at sea, some in deep water. But it wasn't hard to reach them. Most were unguarded, and for those that were, it was only a murloc or two; nothing I couldn't handle.

My herbalism and alchemy skills went up a lot. Didn't get much experience, though.
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I got another late start last night, and when I got on, nobody I knew was online. So I played my Tauren shaman, and did quite well. Didn't die once, and completed a lot of quests; I got up to level 13. I was particularly proud that I was able to sneak into a mine, kill a supervisor, and grab his clipboard; that required some careful movement!

I got a new weapon as a quest reward, a Goblin-smasher. I didn't realize that it was a two-handed mace, though, and that my skill in staves didn't translate. A little time spent killing 5th-9th level monsters soon brought both my Defense and two-handed weapons skill to the current maximum, 65. I'm not sure if I can train that.

I've shifted my home base to the main Tauren city. Quests are starting to point me to the Barrens. I went there once, prematurely, and it seemed very dangerous.

I'm still wondering how (or if) the quests will segue into "darker" quests. So far the worst I've done is kill some humans and dwarves who were desecrating our land with mines and stealing our water. I wonder if Tauren get "evil" quests?

I suppose the undead do. I'll try an undead character eventually. I imagine that will be too scary and evil for Sebastian to see, though!

P.S. - My mage has been taking the Deeprun Tram to the Ironforge area; that's where the quests seem to be more appropriate for him right now. Unfortunately I've died a few times. I'm also going to be bringing my main fighter over there, too.

I'd like to give Teri a short tour of WoW, starting at Goldshire, and then heading into Stormwind, the Deeprun Tram, and take a griffin back to Stormwind from Ironforge. I suppose it would just bore her, though.

Or there's a small chance that she might decide to try the game...nah.


Aug. 26th, 2009 10:58 am
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Sebastian just called me. He wants to buy a Fossil Fighter game for the DS. It costs $35. I asked: "How can we pay for that?"

"I was thinking we could all chip in."

"Oh? How much can you chip in?"

"...two dollars."

"We'll see."

I'll check the price at Best Buy in a little while.
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I'm having fun with WoW. Staying up too late is definitely a problem, so I took a watch which was sitting on my desk and set the daily alarm to go off at 10:45pm. That should help me to get enough sleep, I hope!

My mage got up to level 14 last night, and got some great new spells. Arcane Explosion is particularly neat, since it's an area-effect spell and recharges quicker than Frost Nova. I'm specializing in Frost talents, but I'm going to start throwing some points into Arcane as well, I think.

When I get the chance I should list my PCs by class and level here.

As I've learned, the game has become more fun and easier. My first character was a fighter; he progressed slowly. Sebastian asked me to create a character for him (he doesn't play it, I do), another fighter. I was able to advance him much more quickly.

It would be nice to have a group to play with, both in the Alliance and the Horde. But I'll work on that eventually, I suppose.

I've played with the video settings a bit. So far none of the adjustments has caused a problem; my system was designed to play Oblivion, after all. I must say that the visuals are spectacular. When my Tauren was walking up a path in moonlight, the way that the moonlight reflected off the stones was simply amazing. It looked so real!
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Stayed up almost until midnight again, which was Not Good. But it was fun.

I was working on a quest with another player, an investigation into the death and/or disappearance of two guards near a Murloc village (if you don't know Murlocs, think of a half-sized Creature From the Black Lagoon).

The problem is that A) the little bastards are fairly powerful, B) they tend to attack in groups, and C) there are a lot of dangerous animals in the area who tend to be drawn in when combat starts.

We got killed several times, and had to run away a lot. I used my new Polymorph spell to turn enemies into sheep when necessary, but it didn't last long. So basically we're at a stalemate. I suspect that we'll want to level up elsewhere, perhaps with easier quests, and then come back to this one.

But I did start getting some insight into strategy in WoW. It's possible to "draw" an enemy from one member of the party to another. That gets them running an extra lap, so to speak, during which they can be hit by ranged weapons or spells. I imagine that this could be a very effective technique, particularly if a group set things up so as to draw enemies from one member to another in a planned sequence.

I'm thinking I might buy one of those 60-day cards, rather than give them my debit card number. It would be a better way to test things out without committing to too much.

Does anyone else play a Tauren, by the way?
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Time is running short. Soon I'll have to decide whether or not to subscribe.

I made a new human mage (Omacmage) on the Maelstrom server, and got him up to level 8 fairly quickly. I've stalled out a bit at that point, though; the quests I have are too deadly. Of course, part of the problem is that I've been doing them solo.

Teri and Sebastian call for me about every five to ten minutes when I'm on the computer, you see. If I'm in a dangerous area, I quit the game; otherwise I just go AFK. So I can't do much real playing until after they're both asleep. That's sometime between 8:30 - 9:15 or so.

But I've been staying up WAY too late, past midnight several nights in a row. This was killing me. I damn near collapsed on Sunday, and passed out on the couch several times. I can't live like that. So if I do subscribe, I need to work out some way to not stay up late. I honestly don't know if I have the willpower for that, though.

Another issue: will this eat up all my spare time? I'd like to get some writing done, as well as some work on my RQ website. WoW might make that more difficult.

- I got lost in Stormwind (?), the first major human city. It took me quite a while to find my way out. When I did, some annoying little level-71 PC followed me and challenged me to a duel five or six times. Annoying. I declined, of course. Why did he do that?

- So as to see both sides of the game, I created a Horde character on the Maelstrom server as well. He's a Tauren shaman called Omacsham. I regretted that name soon after; B'Dank (a bull-man from a Cordwiner Smith story) or Beef (from "The Story of Beef!") would have been better.

He was an interesting character to play. Not evil, though I'd thought that the Horde was evil. Instead, the Tauren culture was clearly based on native American culture, very nature-oriented. I've played him up to 8th level, and he seems fairly effective and fun to play. I have to wonder how on earth the game gets the Tauren to work together with some of the obviously evil races of the Horde, though!
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For the last two days nobody I know was playing WoW, so I played a mage and made a discovery:

You can cast spells at a distance.

Yes, when I played a mage on the first day I actually hadn't figured out how to cast my fireblast except in hand-to-hand combat. Once I found out how to cast it at range, I went to town. It was so much easier! I created a mage on the Maelstrom server (Omacmage), and leveled him up to 6 tonight. Got all the spells I could for him, too. It was fun! But it's too damned late. Time for bed!
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Day 3 was a learning experience. [ profile] unquietsoul5 showed me around, cast spells to help me live through combat, and gave me advice; I was able to get my fighter up to level 4, and got out of the immediate area of the starting Abbey. It was a lot of fun.

I learned two things:

First, the game is a lot more fun when you're playing with someone else.

Second, the game is a time-sink. Before I knew it I was really tired, and when I checked the time I was horrified to see that it was 11:33. I'm dead tired today! From now on I'm keeping a clock in view when I play at night, and I'm going to sleep by 10:30. I need my sleep! :D
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On Sunday afternoon I finally gave in and installed the World of Warcraft trial edition.

If I'd known how long it was going to take, I would have timed it. It was at least three hours, perhaps as many as six - I wasn't really paying attention. Considering that I had the installation DVD, this was an astonishingly slow process. Of course my computer far exceeds their recommended specifications.

I created an account; "Omac" was already taken, so I became "OMAClives". The system recommended a normal server, but when I went there it turned out to be locked. So I picked another normal server (not being interested in PVP or RP yet). I don't recall which server I was on; I'll look it up later, if it matters.

My first (and so far only) character was a human mage, a bald redhead with a beard and mustache. Movement and such weren't too complicated; I've played enough CRPGs to be able to figure that sort of thing out well enough. My first mission was to kill ten vermin, so I did. Can't say it was particularly exciting.

The graphics were nice enough, but all in all I just wasn't that impressed. There were lots of people and creatures running all over the place, with their names floating over their heads; it just seemed kind of silly and a bit pointless. Maybe I'd have more fun if I was playing in a group. In any case, I didn't stay up late playing, for once. WoW just didn't wow me. :D

But I'll try again tonight.

Trial WoW.

Jul. 30th, 2009 11:27 am
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I picked up the trial WoW DVD last night. Haven't installed it yet. Yes, it did cross my mind that your first hit of crack is free. :D
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It's kind of ridiculous for me to be writing about Diablo II, but I've been playing it again recently. Due to changes in, I've been playing four different characters in turn, keeping them all within four levels of each other; that way they can "visit" each other's games and exchange equipment and items.

I'm playing:

- A sorceress who specializes in electricity and cold skills
- A druid, speciality werewolf transformations, combat, and dire wolves
- A necromancer, speciality golems (and later, Reviveds)
- A barbarian, speciality dual-sword use (aka Frenzarian)
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But this time I took out ALL of the non-purple potions and filled up the belt solid with nothing but full rejuvenations. Result: I killed Mephisto without dying ONCE. And I still had enough purples left over to fill my #4 slot! I definitely would have died several times over if I hadn't loaded up with all-purples.

It sounds obvious, I know. But it took me a long time to figure it out. :P

Actually, I was also probably being stupidly cheap on potions. You can't buy purples, which makes them technically rare; so I tend not to use them. But since I lose lots of them when I die, it makes a lot more sense to use them and stay alive!
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Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, died on Tuesday.

No saving throw jokes, please.

New router

Dec. 28th, 2008 12:17 am
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We did a bit of shopping on the 26th, and I picked up a new wireless router. As you may remember, our old Linksys one died a few months after we bought it. So this time, I went with a Belkin.

It was...I can't tell you how much easier it was to set up than that Linksys router. It was so easy to get it working with the Wii, and I was stunned at how much easier it was to set up security, too.

We had a lot of Wii updating to do, and I couldn't resist downloading a few games: Star Fox 64 and Dungeon Explorer (which was originally on the Turbo Grafx).

What else? Oh, right: Sebastian got Teri a DS for Christmas. I figured, what the hell. We survived the flight home, after all - and that was a pretty scary experience.

One thing I forgot to mention about the flight: when we were in Atlanta getting ready to come home, and the weather reports were really bad, and the pilot was making scary-sounding announcement (and sounding pretty scared himself)...I went over and bought Sebastian a giant $53-dollar stuffed panda from the Zoo Atlanta kiosk. I figured that on the small chance that we might die, it made more sense for his last few hours to be as happy as possible - and that by holding the panda on his lap, he'd get a little more protection if the plane got shaken up.

Teri and Sebastian got a lot of DS games, too. Teri bought Shrek: Carnival Games; I tried to tell her that that was almost certainly a crappy game (stuff based on movies and TV usually is, and I personally HATE Shrek) but somehow lost the will to press my point. Sure enough, though, the game turned out to suck royally.

One game that has addicted both of us is the "Word Link" game in Margot's Word Brain. It's kind of like a cross between Boggle and Tetris, with the emphasis on Boggle. You have to make words from letters, and when you do the letters disappear and new ones drop in from the top. You only get 90 seconds to get as high a score as possible.

I have the two top scores right now, but she'll doubtless beat me eventually. She'll have quiet time to play. And random chance is definitely a large factor, so the more she plays, the more likely she is to get top scores.

Argh. Must sleep.


Nov. 14th, 2008 03:16 pm
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I've been playing a fair amount of Diablo lately. At first I was back into Diablo 2, LOD. Most of my characters had expired, so I worked up a bunch of new ones. Along the way I discovered something annoying: had changed. I could no longer take a high-level character and drop a bunch of gold in a game for a starting character.

They seem to have put in restrictions that make it impossible for characters to enter a game that has been created or visited by a character that's more than four or five levels higher or lower. So if you want to exchange stuff between your characters, you have to make sure that they stay within four levels of each other.

I played so much that I got what I call "Diablo finger". But I also got bored. So just for the hell of it, one day, I popped in my old Diablo 1 disk. It still worked...and I have to say that it's a better game than D2. It doesn't have as many features, but it's sharper, clearer, and more exciting.
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Oblivion has been weird.

For a long time the real restriction was money. I won't bore you with the details, but basically I was earning tons of experience points, but couldn't allow myself to level up because I needed to make money to train.

Every time I did level up, I was instantly ready to level up again. The experience meter was always maxed out, and still is.
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I also need to figure out some more effective spells to create at the spellmaking alter. My biggest problem seems to be lack of magicka; I can only cast a couple of my most powerful blasts before running out. Unfortunately there's no way to raise magicka other than levelling, and that levels the monsters, too. I've already maxed out my Willpower and Intelligence, so I'm pretty much stuck.


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