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It wasn't a conscious decision, but I think I've quit World of Warcraft.
I've been more and more bored with it lately; I've had nobody to play with. It's bad enough being lonely in real life, so why should I pay to be lonely online, too? My card that they had on file has expired, so my account is suspended, and I'm more than half inclined to keep it that way.
I need to find better things to do.
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It's funny, but ever since Arisia I just don't feel like playing World of Warcraft much.
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Signed up for a random dungeon and was assigned to one already in progress. I came in just in time to be wiped. The party was wiped three more times in the next few minutes; they'd activated about 3 dozen elites who were effectively "camping" the entrance. The tank quit. The healer quit. I got stuck talking to two people who I'd rather not have been talking to; to give you an idea of the level of conversation, one of them thought it was funny to repeatedly sit on other character's faces, and the other kept making jokes about rape.

I stayed on a table (no face-sitting for me!) held my tongue and tried to act like an adult. They told me they'd had eight wipes before I came in to the group. We qeued up for a new dungeon.

After a long, long wait a new tank and healer showed up, and the new dungeon began. Someone started giving orders to everyone. Someone else started defying him. The new tank and healer quit. I bowed out as well; it was too goddamned late.

But not all groups are like that. Yesterday, I was in a great group. It wasn't so much that they were combat-effective; they were decent, but not outstanding in that regard. No, what made it a pleasure to play with them was that they were all relatively mature. When we finished the dungeon, we even took a group photo! Too bad I have no way of arranging to play with any of them ever again.

First Kill

Oct. 11th, 2010 11:52 pm
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Today I made what I consider my first real PvP kill in World of Warcraft. I once managed to kill off a lower-level Horde attacker (barely), and I'm credited with a number of kills on battlegrounds, but this time was different. I was collecting some low-level herbs in the Arthrai Highlands for my inscriptionist, when the automated local defense network kept reporting a Horde attack at Refuge Point. I was near there, so I rode over. Before entering, I activated my Bone Shield, and then called up my Army of Ghouls. A level-80 Tauren Shaman was killing some Alliance NPCs. I was nervous, but I attacked. Had to call up a gargoyle, and he managed to knock me down to about 1/3 of my hit points before I killed him. But I did win! It felt so great that I did a little dance over the body. Then I took off, because I didn't want to be a camper.
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I don't want that incredibly annoying encounter in WoW tonight to be the end of my day, so:

Teri complained yesterday that the living room AC smelled bad. She didn't think I could do anything about it. So while she was out, I did some research.

Vaccuumed and cleaned with a toothbrush, vinegar & water; it's amazing how much gunk & fur was in there! Then a little Lysol. Now it has no odor and is much colder. Felt good to have accomplished something!

I also recorded some lullabies for Sebatian. I'll spare you having to listen to those, though. ;D

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Dragon Age

Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:09 pm
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I picked up Dragon Age: Origins a few days ago. So far it seems to be the game that Oblivion should have been, but wasn't (Oblivion looked cool, but got really dull fast).

Dragon Age is a bit drab compared to World of Warcraft, and the plots feel a bit railroaded, but it's a good alternative to WoW. It relies quite heavily on cutscenes, though, and requires more tactics than WoW. Unlike WoW, it's a solo game.

Playing it has enhanced my appreciation for the way that Blizzard uses art to enhance WoW. WoW is graphically inferior, but artistically far superior to Dragon Age: Origins - at least, so far.

(Posting with my phone is killing me. I hate this keyboard!)

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Almost forgot: if there's anyone who wants to add me to their Real ID flist in World of Warcraft, please do! You'll have to friend my email address, which is
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Waterpaladin of Wildhammer server (tank) - used Need excessively, including on weapons after he'd already got a better one in the same dungeon. Played recklessly in the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, refusing to pull mobs back in the room of Jammal'an the Prophet despite my repeated request - so I got feared and ran right through a mob and the bosses. He leveled then. He'd been jabbering about how much he wanted to level for the whole dungeon, yelling "SO CLOSE TO DING" over and over and giving us a running XP total every 30 seconds. As soon as he leveled, he quit in mid-combat without a word. The party got wiped, and ended up quitting too. As someone said, "What a tool!".
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Okay, I have a problem: as I mentioned earlier, my phone can simultaneously cross-post to Twitter and Facebook. I have a link set up for LJ as well, but it requires me to write and post separately. I'd say there's a crying need for someone to work out a way to add LJ as one of the "social network" options for Droids.

Today I also ran into the Twitter length-limitation problem when cross-posting. Although to tell you the truth, it may have encouraged me to make an improvement. On Facebook, the post looked like this:
An idiot in a white SUV was blocking the other side of the road. A truck came around the corner towards us and crossed the median to avoid crashing. The car ahead of us went into the brush. Scary!

But on Twitter, I had to edit it down to this:

Idiot in white SUV blocks 1\2 of road. Oncoming truck crosses median to avoid crash. Car ahead hits ditch. Disaster averted.

Teri thinks I should have mentioned that the truck was a large tractor-trailer, but there wasn't space enough for that. For a few seconds it was headed straight for us. I blame the young idiot in the white SUV; I don't know what he was doing, but blocking half the road in a dangerous area near a blind curve was a really stupid thing to do. Several people could have died.

What else? I set up Facebook on Teri's phone for her. Also showed her a few tricks, including how to make speed-dial links. I think she's getting more comfortable with the phone.

Doing okay with WoW. My top character is up to level 72 now. I still get killed by the Horde once in a while, but I'm trying not to let it get to me.

I read two more chapters of The Castle of Llyr to Sebastian at bedtime, and then had him turn out the light. I was going to sing to him, but he asked for a story instead. I told him about a time when I was very young, living in Belmont (Massachusetts) on Trapelo Road; how we'd go to the Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store, and then on to the Waverly Oaks park and playground. From there I moved on to the park across the street from Waverly Oaks, which doesn't have much more than a pond and a mill wheel, as I recall. I explained mill-wheels and different ways in which the wheel could be turned; windmills, animal-powered milling, and waterwheels. He was soon sound asleep.

I'd like to find a mill to take him to, so he can see how flour is made. Does anyone know of one in the general area?
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Helggah from the Dark Iron server. Tank/Paladin. Started off with a HUGE pull, wiped the party, and then laughed at us all.

So I quit the goddamned dungeon - as anyone would. Blizzard thereupon labeled me a "Dungeon Deserter" and blocked me from signing up for a new one for 30 minutes. Blizzard's really sucking it hard these days...
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It's been a while since I updated my Warcraft status here. A lot has happened in the meantime.
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I've been home more than usual for various reasons, and so got to play a little more than usual. I'm handicapped by having to play with only one hand; the pain is decreasing and I can use a finger or two on my left hand to hit the shift key, but I'm not playing anywhere near as well as usual.

Still, I've made progress. The primary beneficiary is Linkomac, the Draenei hunter. He's up to level 19, and now I'm in the process of trying to scrape up enough money to get him a mount and training at level 20. His skinning/leatherworking is going pretty well, but it's hard to make much money selling leather at this level.

I got him to Ironforge a while back to pick up Gun skill, but his crossbow still does more damage. He has a pet; a Nightstalker (?), a panther who is quite useful. Between him and his pet, they can finish off enemies quite quickly, even ones a couple of levels higher than he is.

I have to say that hunters seem to be an extremely effective class! Linkomac has been levelling far more quickly than any of my other characters. I've heard that the Draenei and Blood Elf starting areas are better-designed for levelling than the starting areas for the original races, so maybe that's a contributing factor.

His biggest problem is lack of inventory space. All of his bags are 8-slot, which really sucks. Unfortunately Domac can't make anything better, and none of my characters can afford anything better.

Haven't played the other characters much. Domac's enchanting skill is over 50, and she made some minor wizard's oil for Omacmage; I hadn't realized that it was five doses per batch. I need to level her up more, so she can make bigger bags and better enchantments.

I got Omacmage across the sea to the elf-country again, and did some fishing on the shore. Got some oily blackmouth and some sealed trunks. As I was fishing, a huge Horde expedition raced across the sea in front of me, somehow solidifying the water momentarily as they passed. They must have seen me, but luckily they ignored me. They wiped out everyone on the docks, I believe, but by the time I got there they were gone.
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It's really hard to play WoW with only one hand.

I'm sticking to safe areas and mostly harvesting. No parties. I've still managed to level some of my lower-level characters, though.
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This question was obviously inspired by the "lovee" question I wrote about a minute ago.

"Is anyone else concerned with how today's youth can't spell and don't know grammar or simple capitalization/punctuation?"

The problem is our educational system and our culture. Television bears a large share of the blame, for sure. So do parents...and, I suspect, the popularity of divorce (although I think that's probably a reflection of the decay of our culture as a whole).

America has been a bastion of anti-intellectualism for many decades now. That's ironic, when you consider that we were founded by intellectuals - brilliant men, all of them.

As far as eduction goes, I suspect that a key element of the problem is school funding. It's profoundly unfair for school funding to be based on local property taxes, as it so often is. It virtually guarantees that the children of the poor will receive inferior educations, and that goes against the whole idea of fairness in America. True, an exceptional teacher or administrator can sometimes provide a great education to students even with very few resources - but that's the exception, not the rule.

Level funding for all schools should be mandatory, and it should NOT be based on the wealth of the specific community. Every American should receive the best education possible.

I have to admit that on World of Warcraft, it bugs me when almost everyone uses textspeak. Even things like saying "grats" instead of "Congratulations!" annoy me. So I make a particular effort to use proper English.

Of course, that sometimes means that I stand there and let my companions get killed while I'm, I'm kidding, I wait for the right moment and I type pretty fast.
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Another solo night.

Got Lukemac to 24, but can't afford all my training (and I owe someone a chunk of gold, so I'm not going to pool money from my other characters).

Zeldava's up to level 8. I picked her first profession, inscription, and discovered that herbalism was practically required - so I took that as well. Soon I'll make my first scrolls. Do scrolls and potions which accomplish the same effects stack, I wonder?

Linkomac the hunter is up to level 8 as well. Soon I'll go to the Exodar, I imagine. No specialization picked yet; as a hunter, skinner/leatherworker makes most sense, but Omacblade already has that covered.
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A headless horseman is haunting WoW, and Sebastian is absolutely delighted. If you don't play WoW, I won't bore you with the details. Basically, buildings are burning, PCs are trying to extinguish the flames, there are jack-o-lanterns everywhere, as well as candy and apples to bob for. What fun!
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Sebastian designed a new WoW character on Maelstrom last night: a blonde human female warlock we named "Zeldava". He wanted to call her "Zelda", but of course that was taken. So were "Zeldah" and "Zellda".

He was very specific about her looks, particularly her hair, and it turned out that he was making her look like a girl he knows called Ava (he claims he knows two of them, and the Ava he was thinking of isn't the one who sometimes chases him around at school). So we ended up calling her Zeldava. I'll see if I can throw up a picture of her soon.

I played her for a while. The quest to get her first imp was pretty tough; she kept having to fight three enemies simultaneously. Even though my other characters had sent her money and equipment and potions, she kept dying. Finally I took her in when she was close to levelling, and that worked like a charm. She leveled while quite low on hit points and mana, which of course immediately replenished them; that did the trick.

Now she's level five, and doing fairly well.

Oh, I got the penguin pet for converting my account to Each of my characters is getting one. He's kind of a grungy-looking penguin, I must say! Sebastian hasn't seem him yet.

I am, of course, dead tired. Up much too late playing WoW, and when I was just going to bed Sebastian woke up crying, looking for Frisco (his favorite stuffed cat). I helped him find Frisco, but he wouldn't sleep after that. I lay beside him for hours, getting kicked and shoved, and got less than two hours of sleep all night.

Oh, I turned up the heat for the first time of the season; it was 56 degrees upstairs last night, so I cleaned off the radiators and cranked the thermostat up to 64. Much better!

WoW update

Oct. 15th, 2009 10:42 am
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Not much to report. Another solo evening. Someone spoke to me nicely, but it turned out that they were just selling gold.

My auction went off well enough, and I got just under 3 gold.

No leveling, unfortunately. Domac (pal-13) got to 50 in enchanting, but she needs maple seeds to make cloaks. Apparently they're available from merchants, but I haven't found one yet. I took her adventuring; she's doing well, and is making good progress to level 14.

I also got Omacblade, my skinner/leatherworker, to level 10. But he bores me; I've done the human/fighter thing too many times before.

Got Omacmage out of Darkshire (too scary to be in alone) and completed a minor quest or two.

I managed to quit a little earlier than usual. But I still didn't get enough sleep; I'd just fallen asleep when Sebastian called me to come and sleep with him. I did, but he pulled all the blankets off me (he'd had me pile six blankets on him at bedtime) and I froze. We really need to take out the bedroom air conditioners!
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Blizzard is requiring everyone to convert their WoW account into a account. I thought I already had a account (via Diablo and Diablo II), but I had to create a new one anyway.

I'm supposedly going to receive a penguin as an in-game pet (Sebastian was very excited at the news), but I don't know how to get it.

I've been thinking, and I've decided to clean out my characters on the Maelstrom server. I have three Horde characters and seven Alliance characters there, and that doesn't make sense. I should make Maelstrom all Alliance, so I can send myself useful stuff and have my characters support each other.

My highest-level Horde character is 15th level. I noticed that I may be able to transfer him for free to a lower-population server. If so, I'll do it; I'd hate to waste the time I spent playing him. I guess I'll look for a low-population RPG sever.

Sebastian has decided that I should make a human male warlock. I don't know why.
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No leveling last night, alas. I went on a one-hour mining junket with Lukemac, though, and picked up a fair amount of tin and 97 coppers. Made a bunch of copper bracers and sent them over to Domac for enchanting.

Her tailoring skill is around 114 now, and I managed to raise her Enchanting skill from 18 to 46. I expect that tonight she'll get to 50 and finally be able to enchant something genuinely useful, a cloak. But she'll be maxed out at that point; she can't increase her skill any further until she gets to level 20. Since she's level 13 right now, she has some adventuring ahead of her!

Also did some adventuring with a friend in Darkshire, and the thing I feared happened: we were deep in a cemetary, surrounded by scary undead, and he had to go AFK for a while. Undead were clawing up out of the ground near us, and I was afraid that the slightest move would bring them down on us.

One did come, but I was able to handle him.

There was also a lower-level paladin in the distance who kept fighting undead and then running away. I helped him out occasionally with a long-distance frostbolt to slow his opponent. I've maxed out the range on a selection of frost spells, so I can shoot them pretty far now. It's useful, particularly when I'm soloing.

The Horde continues to plague Darkshire. A couple of high-level Horde PCs were riding around, randomly attacking throughout Darkshire and Duskwood. A high-level Alliance PC was chasing them. Fortunately the Horde guys didn't attack us.


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