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It arrived, and it looks really cool. But my monitor apparently won't work with it. The monitor isn't broken, mind you. I plugged it back in to my old machine, and it was fine. In fact, I'm using the old machine to write this right now.

But when I plug the monitor into the new machine and turned it on, nothing happened. Tried turning the monitor off and on, too. Nothing.

I'm not disappointed, because on some level I didn't expect it to work right away anyway. I wonder if the problem is that the monitor is simply too old? That seems very unlikely, but it IS over ten years old, I think. It's a Princeton Graphics 19-incher, an EO90.

I was planning on buying a new flatscreen anyway, so I'll probably get one tomorrow and see if that works instead. Does anyone know anything about LG as a brand? They have a 22-inch monitor that's $30 more than the Hannspree, but it seems to have much higher customer ratings - and the tech specs look considerably better too, to the extent that I understand them.

Funny, I'm just not that excited about the new system. But I'm not even disappointed at the anticlimax. Maybe I'm getting old.
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