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bobquasit ([personal profile] bobquasit) wrote2012-06-16 07:58 am

LiveJournal is a Russian porn site?

I just heard on NPR that LiveJournal was taken over (apparently some time ago) by Russian pornographers. Is that true?

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Russians, yes. Pornographers, I don't know.

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I saw something about LJ being useful in last year's anti-Putin protests, but nothing about pornographers buyting it. At least not yet.

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On what NPR show did you hear this? I can find no quick reference to this in the news....

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It was something two or three days ago about MIT people doing stuff with random photos - they used to use ones from LiveJournal, but now they're using ones from other site - Flickr, possibly?

I don't remember anything more. Something about creativity and technology. There might have been some cool computer-inspired music in it, too.