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A Fan

[I'm experimenting with copying a post from Google Plus to Dreamwidth/LiveJournal. Pasting the text and photo from G+ into the Dreamwidth Rich Text editor seems to work, although I had to get the public link for the photo. For some reason the LJ-to-Facebook connection doesn't seem to be working.]

My dad came over today. We've been having a couple of electrical problems, and he was trained in electronics by the army. Plus he's handy, which I, unfortunately, am not. Or not very.

The first problem was the ceiling light in the den. It kept flickering and making buzzing noises. He took things apart and figured out that the problem was that the contact in the base of the socket was depressed; it wasn't making proper contact. He pried it up, and now the light works perfectly. I'll have to look into getting a shade for it.

The second problem was the ceiling fan in Sebastian's room, which is next to the den. The light tended to go on and off randomly, and the ceiling fan rarely worked; instead, it hummed and made a burning electrical smell.

So we took it down. Dad examined and tested the wiring, and it seemed fine. But the motor was burned out on the ceiling fan. We went over to Lowe's. Teri and I wanted to get a fan much like the one he'd had, but Sebastian insisted on a short-bladed and admittedly cooler-looking fan, an allen+roth. The salesman said the fan would be virtually imperceptible, but eventually we gave in.

When we got home and opened the box, we got worried. It was complicated; the estimated assembly time was two hours! Dad and I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. I don't know about Dad, but I'm pretty sure that my shoulders will ache for days! And toward the end we were working in darkness, since the circuit breaker for that lamp also covers the whole room.

But we got it put together and mounted. Dad did the wiring, which is good because wiring makes me nervous. It was great when the light went on! And when we turned on the fan, go figure: the breeze was far stronger than our old fan's had been. It blew papers right off Sebastian's desk.

It feels good to get something like that done!

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I wish my house would allow for ceiling fans. In England not many houses have that and we don't really do air conditioning. So we tend to roast through the summer. A ceiling fan would be awesome, I'm envious.

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that's really interesting - I had no idea! I assume that if you own your own house you're allowed to put in a ceiling fan? Or are there some sort of regulations against them? From what I've been told, they're very efficient at a cooling a house. Our house, of course, was built ins 1835, and was retrofitted for electricity long ago. But it has seven ceiling fans. When it gets hot enough that we have to put in the air conditioners, we turn on the ceiling fans as well; they work wonderfully together.

I thought that the heat in New England and the UK was comparable? We generally have perhaps 10 or 15 days in summer during which the temperature rises above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It would be a surprise if it went above 105 or so.

so why aren't air conditioners allowed? Is it the old "stiff upper lip" tradition? :-)