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bobquasit ([personal profile] bobquasit) wrote2012-11-25 10:29 am

Voice dictation

 just a quick post about voice dictation aundry with and LiveJournal. Shit. I can already see that I'm going to have some big problems. LiveJournal 0 mobile sites really sucks when you try to do voice dictation or 1 time what I do from my samsung Galaxy Nexus. I am NOT making any corrections to this post.
This is interesting semi:3 with or rather Android actually picked up the emphasis are used on the word not above. Anyway, I just a response to a coming over on livejournal, and the interface was awful and wretched. Dream with seems only slightly better. That's unfortunate.
Oh, and since the Russian language seems to be in crocheting on livejournal, I think that I will take this opportunity to say that people earn is a brutal dictator who murders has on people and is strangling democracy in Russia. I would have simply said puting sucks, but under statement is not my style. Crap. I'll come back and edit the word cute in in later. He's not cute!