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bobquasit ([personal profile] bobquasit) wrote2012-11-26 10:19 am

What are you good at?

Lately I've been trying to figure out what I'm good at. Taking stock, I guess. It's an interesting exercise; have you ever tried it?

So here's my list of things that I'm good at, so far:
- Creating and running roleplaying campaigns
- Grilling hamburgers
- Cooking a limited number of dishes
- Baking chocolate-chip cookie bars
- Reading aloud
- Reading
- Remembering
- Acting
- Finding answers and information online
- Implementing answers and information
- Writing (but unfortunately, fiction rarely comes to me)
- Helping people with computer problems
- Running reports
- Figuring out problems
- Writing advice
- Being a panelist on many topics


That list only includes things that I'm really pretty sure I'm good at. I didn't add stuff which is more nebulous or boastful, like being a parent. Nor did I include things that I'm good at only sometimes, such as occasionally a bit of handyman work - even though it feels really great when I get something like that done.