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The carnival is back this week, the one nearest our home; we could walk there if we wanted to. Last night was opening day, and we took Sebastian. It was cloudy (and hot and humid as well; I'd even call it oppressive), and rained a bit, but the weather cleared up enough that all the rides were open.

It was discount night; the first night always is. Every ride costs $1.50, one ticket. Sebastian rode on the little dragon roller coaster twice, the bumper cars, the long slide twice, the motorcycle ride, the race car ride, and he and I went on the Ferris Wheel together. Teri and her mother urged him to try the new horror ride, but he refused. I backed him up on that, although I'll admit I was intrigued; it looked a lot like an old Pleasure Island ride I've dreamed about all my life.

Teri and I ate there. She had clam cakes (six huge ones, it was the smallest order they had) and red clam chowder (they didn't have white or clear). I had a dynamite - it was very good - fries, and a Del's frozen lemonade. Later we both had fried dough, which was delicious.

We all played some games too. Sebastian got the prizes no matter who won, of course. He got a stuffed orca doll, a plastic trumpet, and some other cheap stuff.

A fun night! There's a good chance I'll take him back there tonight. It's fireworks night, the only one they're having. They don't start until 9:30 (assuming they don't get rained out, in which case they'll be pushed back to Friday night), and I'm not at all sure he'll be able to stay awake that late!

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