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bobquasit ([personal profile] bobquasit) wrote2014-02-21 01:34 pm
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Twitter hacked

My Twitter account was apparently hacked by a Russian - at least, they posted a bunch of things in Russian to my Twitter account. Those tweets were mirrored to LiveJournal (but not Dreamwidth) automatically. I've deleted the original tweets and the LJ mirror-post. I've also taken a number of enhanced security steps to resecure my Twitter account.

It's almost not worth it. I don't really USE Twitter. It just grabs some of the stuff I post elsewhere. If something like this happens again, I'll just delete my Twitter account.

As far as I can tell, nothing else has been compromised. What I don't understand is how my Twitter account got compromised in the first place!

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Do you use the same password there, that you use elsewhere?

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No. I use good security practices, normally. And I'm using mobile authentication, now.

I still don't really see the point of Twitter, though. I never read it, and any tweets from me are due to linkages at YouTube and elsewhere. Personally, I think it's really useless. I probably should delete my account!

Maybe I should take the time to go and change all my passwords on every account. That would take a lot of time, though.