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If anyone is looking for a RuneQuest game in the northern Rhode Island area (or knows someone who is), I have an opening or two in my current campaign, The Cave of Worlds. It's a multi-genre game based on classic RQIII, with modifications as necessary. The campaign features worlds based on numerous sources, including original settings as well as those inspired by literature and media. Emphasis is on roleplaying, exploration, and fun rather than combat.

We normally play on Saturday afternoons from noon to 5pm in Woonsocket, RI, although we're probably going to be playing on Sundays instead during the summer. Current players cover a thirty-year age spread, and range from highly experienced to relative newcomers to RPGs. A good sense of humor and imagination are all that's needed, along with a reasonable amount of emotional maturity. Experience is NOT required.

Some session writeups can be found at

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I've neglected both my RuneQuest site and my commuter rail site for months. I'm planning on doing something for the RQ site (maybe that article on charms; if anyone wants to help me on it, please let me know), but in the last few days the good old MBTA/MBCR gave me the inspiration for a couple of posts on the Charlie on the Commuter Rail blog.

Remember those stairs at Ruggles? The ones that were crumbling last December? They're worse. MUCH worse. Photos over on the Charlie blog.
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I almost forgot: I don't know if anyone is tracking it, but I've annotated and posted a shitload of zines on my RQ site lately. Twenty-three of them since late June. Just in case you're desperate for something to read. I haven't given up on the sheetless roleplaying article, but it's basically gone into slow-motion for a while. I'll definitely finish it within a month or so, though.

LJ Backup
I've been manually backing up my LJ. Did all of 2003 (it was only half a year anyway), and am up to October 2004. It's a bit tedious, particularly since none of those old posts are tagged at all. I've been adding tags to them before backing them up, which definitely slows the process down. On the other hand, this means that there are a lot more posts that have been tagged; politics and Sebastian in particular have expanded a lot.

I don't know if anyone here is a fan of Shogun (the novel by James Clavell), but if you are, or if you're interested in Japanese history, you might find this interesting: Learning from Shogun - Japanese History and Western Fantasy. It's a PDF with a number of academic essays about the novel and how it relates to the actual Japanese culture of the time. It's a bit disillusioning, in places, but that's inevitable. There's also an essay by one asshole of a professor who made up a clever little bit of wordplay to insult fans of the novel and ignorant Japanophile Westerners in general; he's so pleased with himself over his little coinage that he uses it about five hundred times in his essay, filling me with a powerful urge to kick him in the balls, hard. Still, the rest of the essays are pretty interesting.
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It arrived in the mail on Saturday: the playtester's copy of Basic RolePlaying, The Chaosium Roleplaying System. I'm very excited and pleased. A few quick first impressions:

1. It's huge. 399 pages! I hope the size doesn't scare newcomers off.

2. The cover is cool; I like it a lot. But again, I have to wonder how it will look to newcomers:

3. They spelled my name right. Whew!

4. I'd been worried about the magic system. No more worries - the magic system is very much in the tradition of RQ and classic BRP. There are some slightly different names for spells, but classics such as Bladesharp are effectively unchanged (it's now called "Sharpen").

It's going to take me a LONG time to read and properly analyze this behemoth! I have GOT to find a group to play it with!
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I did a lot of work on my RQ site today. Added a 31-page annotated zine, created a new installment of Chatter (for site-specific posts), and cleaned up lots of odds and ends. There's still plenty to do, but it's nice to have the site a bit more up-to-date!

I should probably do some publicizing, but it's been so long...the odds are that most of the addresses on my update list are dead. I haven't sent anything out to it in a couple of years at least!
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I've posted five more annotated zines and an article since Monday. I also have another annotated zine ready to go on the site; I just need to link it up (I figured I shouldn't put too much up at once, so I'll probably post it over the weekend).

One of the new zines is a one-shot that I'd totally forgotten about; it was called Babble-On 5, and I wrote it for a Babylon 5 APA in 1995.

I've also managed to get good copies of some of my other zines, the later ones that I wrote for Interregnum. I'll be scanning those as well.

I bogged down on the sheetless roleplaying article, so while I was taking a walk I mentally threw out all the text and started writing it as if I was telling a friend about sheetless roleplaying. That gave me a much better start, I think.

By the way, my guestbook, polls, and quizzes - all of which were free services from a company called Alxnet - are totally dead. I can log in to my account there, but when I try to actually view or modify any of my services, I'm automatically logged out. I tried to email Alxnet and got this result:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table (state 14).

Looks like I'm screwed. I'll need to find a new guestbook service, I guess, and some new quizzes and polls too - otherwise I'll have an unbalanced number of icons. Does anyone want to suggest a quiz/poll site that's reliable and not too obnoxious? Or some other cool feature that would work well on my RQ site?
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Woohoo! We spent $55.90 and bought a combo printer/scanner at BJ's. It's an Epson, and it scans surprisingly well. I used it to turn an old zine of mine into a PDF in remarkably short order.

I wish it had been able to use OCR, but that didn't seem to be an option. I'll just have to make sure that the link description is fairly detailed when I add it to my RuneQuest site.

Anyway, here's a quick link to the zine. It was first published in July 1992.

Rack & Rune #9: Remember SPI!

  • "From the Closed Shelves", including reviews of Lord Dunsany, The God Box by Barry Longyear, Superstoe by William Borden, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Kim by Rudyard Kipling

  • "Random RuneQuest"

  • Review: Sun County (RQ scenario pack)

  • A critique of TSR

  • Computer Problems

  • Comments (Collier, Swanson, Blacow, Derryberry, Erlandsen, Jorenby, Keller, Phillies, Plamondon, Butler)

I'm going to be able to start adding ALL of the missing zines now. *glee*

I'll need to redesign the zine page a little first, though. And I'll also have to do some work on them; the scan quality is excellent, but I want to add modern-perspective notes to them, just as I did for the zines I put up earlier.
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Advice: I've been going a bit insane with the advice column; it's really kind of addictive (obligatory joke: "Now I know how George W. Bush feels about wine and cocaine". Updated version: "Now I know how George W. Bush feels about wine, cocaine, lying in order to send poor young people off to die in Iraq, and shredding the Bill of Rights* )".

Anyway, I've answered 44 questions so far. My current average rating is 5 (which is perfect, of course), and I have 70 feedback points. Of course, I'll probably be crushed by the first less-than-perfect rating I get. :/

HAH! I walked away from my computer before posting this, came back, and sure enough, someone just gave me my first "4". Most unfairly, too. I was the only person to even TRY to answer her question! Oh well.

RuneQuest: Something strange: I was just added to the Mongoose RQ playtest group after all. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Greg Stafford's remarkable rudeness, though, so right now I'm not very excited. Still, I'll check the rules out soon.

Dreams: Another funny thing: The night before last I dreamed a neat and funny idea for a roleplaying scenario. I even dreamed that I was writing a snatch of poetry for it. When I woke up, I ran to the computer and noted it all down. The couplet wasn't bad, I guess (it sounds a little familiar, though), but it doesn't actually fit into the scenario at all:

I could not save him, although I tried;
I rode to live, he lived to ride.

Health: It was a sinus infection. I'm 99% sure. Steady pain in the lower sinuses, and random pain EVERYWHERE. Every little movement hurt. Every bump hurt 10x more than it should have. So I took a lot of Tylenol over three days, and used saline on my sinuses just before bed for two nights in a row.

But man, the saline hurt. Even WITH Tylenol, the sheer pain kept me up for more than an hour each night. Agony. On the plus side, I didn't have to use the saline or the Tylenol last night. I'm mostly better.

Apology: Apologies to Kat for kinda stealing her subtopic style. But come to think of it, I used to the the same style back when I was writing for The Wild Hunt and Interregnum.

So maybe she stole it from me.

* Except the Second Amendment, of course.


Jul. 9th, 2005 10:48 pm
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Lots to tell, not much time to tell it right now. I've been busy fighting the new RQ wars.

Sidenote: London. What the hell? Why do these things only happen when I'm out of touch? On 9/11/2001 I was unconscious and going under the knife as the first plane hit; I was heavily drugged for the following days. For the London thing, I was on vacation in Maine and completely out of touch with the media. What can I say?

I'll try to slap some photos up...let's see.
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I also got a chance to hit the Boothbay Harbor library porch. I love that porch; they put out a bunch of books, and you can pick them up for a dime each. Awesome! This time I picked up the following:
  • War Beneath The Sea (paperback) - Bonham, Frank

  • The Spirit of Dorsai (large trade paperback) - Dickson, Gordon R.

  • To Your Scattered Bodies Go (paperback) - Farmer, Philip Jose

  • Tales of a Korean Grandmother (hardcover) - Frances Carpenter

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories to Stay Awake By (hardcover) - Hitchcock, Alfred (ed.)

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Terror Time (paperback) - Hitchcock, Alfred (ed.)

  • North and South (paperback) - Jakes, John

  • The Princes of Earth (hardcover) - Kurland, Michael

  • Tiger By The Tail and Other Science Fiction Stories (hardcover) - Nourse, Alan E.

  • the HORSE in the CAMEL suit (hardcover) - Pene du Bois, William

  • Henry Reed, Inc. (paperback) - Robertson, Keith

  • The Book of the Dun Cow (harcover) - Wangerin Jr., Walter

And all for $1.25. Amazing!
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Some company called Mongoose Publishing has announced that they'll be putting out a new version of RuneQuest - "a completely new system that will look and smell like the original", a phrase which does NOT fill me with confidence. If it's a new system, it's not RuneQuest!

There has been a lot of discussion on a thread over at the RPGnet forums. And I, of course, couldn't resist putting in my own two cents.

And now I'm REALLY gone on vacation...
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If anyone out there feels that my RQ site is worth it, a vote of "5" would be kind of nice here:
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Now this is an exotic experience.

I'd heard that the Chinese government was redirecting attempts to reach Google to their own censored, government-controlled search engines; this is one of them. I thought I'd see what the Chinese would find if they searched for RuneQuest.

To my surprise, there's nothing at all. I didn't think that RuneQuest was controversial! Of course, it's more likely that it's just not important enough for the Chinese government to bother with.

Can you imagine if the Chinese got into RuneQuest?
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The spammers have been relentlessly attacking the RuneQuest Wiki on my site. Non-stop. Day after day. Sometimes they deleted the legitimate entries, sometimes they just spewed their crap above or below the real entry.

Some of them wrote "if this bothers you just delete" and then instantly re-posted their shit when I deleted it. Others posted "Im Sorry" above their drug-and-sex site links for no sane reason. One threatened to delete my whole site.

So screw it. I backed everything up a while ago, and I've killed the wiki. I'll find a decent, secure alternative and use that from now on. It'll be up on the site ASAP.
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I'm thinking of running an online RQ game. It would be play-by-post in a forum; there might be some chat sessions involved.

The setting would be Glorantha, although extensive knowledge of Glorantha would NOT be required. shall I put this? As GM, my interpretation of Glorantha would be final. That interpretation is essentially the RQ2/early RQ3 version, before Greg got too into Gregging.

The scenario is large, and pretty dark; a mixed mystery/adventure, with film noir overtones.

Let me know if you're interested.
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Screw it. I'm not going to try to reproduce that lost post. Here are the ^%#@ing bullet points.

Had a good D&D game on Thursday. My barbarian killed two gargoyles in a single round, and a third the round after.

If he survives the barbarian will get to 12th level soon. I'll need to pick a new Feat. Considered several of them, and will go with Improved Critical - you are hereby spared a lot of discussion of the different options and my reasoning.

Here's a link to a post on Usenet (via Google) about the feat issue.

The D&D system is unrealistic and poorly designed.

The game is moving to Tuesdays, probably.


Sep. 20th, 2004 08:57 am
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My RuneQuest website guestbook and Chaos Project are based on free services from Alxnet. For a long time they worked well. Spam came in sometimes, but it was killable.

Then recently some bastards who've been spamming my books off and on for the last couple of years attacked again. These guys are particularly obnoxious, because they put an entry in each of my books that totally hijacks them; go to my guestbook or any of the three Chaos Project books and you are instantly transferred to their porn site. I suspect their site also attempts to hijack the viewer's home page settings, etc.

Alxnet automatically emails a copy of every entry in any of my books to my main address. These include a way to delete that entry with a single click, without logging in. That's kind of convenient, although it would be nicer if there was a way to block spammers more effectively instead and save me the trouble of deleting all those spams.

So the porno spammers hit all four of my books recently. But Alxnet never sent me their entries for some reason. And when I tried to log into my Alxnet account directly, I wasn't able to; they're transitioning to a new system, requiring everyone to set up new accounts and move their old books over, so maybe that's the problem.

But I couldn't log in to my old accounts, and when I set up a new account and tried to move my books I wasn't able to - the account is "still being processed", and has been for the last four days.

I found a way around it; go to an old email for an entry that has already been deleted and click on the instant-delete link. That takes me directly to the administration page. But those pages are going to go away in a month anyway, along with ALL of my entries (thousands of them) if I can't get the new account to work.

I'm seriously considering grabbing ALL of the entries manually and setting up new books using the tools that my host, Fuitadnet, supplies. But it would be a lot of work, and I wouldn't be able to transfer my entries. I'd have to make some sort of archives, I guess.

What a pain in the ass!
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I stayed up until 11:15 last night. But for once, I actually feel good about it. Why? Because I finally updated my RuneQuest site for the first time in many months.

Part of it was relatively routine stuff. But the RuneQuest scene has been heating up lately. Chaosium has published some monographs (essentially printed PDFs) which are apparently the RQ3 rules with the name "RuneQuest" taken out. Word is that these are placeholders (they're actually all sold out right now), and that they plan to release a deluxe edition - an "Advanced" Basic Role-Playing - which will include the RQ3 rule system with additional rules taken from other BRP games, such as Ringworld. If this is true, they'll be turning RQ into a true multi-genre system, which is something I recommended many years ago.

Will they go further, and make it open license or something like it? I don't know. d20 may have that market locked up. But we'll see.

If Chaosium succeeds in making RQ a viable commercial entity again (even under a different name), of course my site will support it.

Another reason I worked on my site: I've been getting emails from people with RQ sites, some sending me materials to post. Nice to know that the site still gets some attention.

The one thing that sucked about the updating was that I was still unable to FTP. And I didn't even have the latest files on my system. So I had to:

  1. open the site in my browser
  2. view and save the source HTML for each page I wanted to edit
  3. edit each file
  4. use the File Manager utility of CPanel to put them back up - which meant uploading them one at a time to a temporary folder, then moving them into the public html folder.


Ironically, this morning I got a message from the FuitadNET help desk suggesting a fix for the FTP problem - which worked! Go figure.

Anyway, it felt good to work on something again.


Jul. 29th, 2004 02:14 pm
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I haven't been able to write anything for my RQ web site in many months. Nor have I been able to write anything of interest here, apparently, or anywhere else. I haven't been doing anything creative or fun for a long time.

Oh, I could write about Sebastian, I suppose, but what's the point?

I'm sick of this.


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