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Pretty funny, and it captures a number of things that irritated me about Peter Jackson's cinematic abortions of TLOTR.

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This is an absolutely delightful (political) video:
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Sep. 25th, 2009 03:02 pm
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This video just gave me the chills.

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I found this while looking for a way to make a sensible comment on an entry by [ profile] fireheart, and I have to say I like it a lot!
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I found this rather amusing, particularly what with all the hype about Terminator: Salvation (which sounds like a real piece of crap):
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And while I'm at it, here's PROOF that virtually anything can be found on YouTube: PDQ Bach's The Stoned Guest. It's the whole album in four parts. The only thing that's missing is the very funny "Opera Whiz" feature from the intermission.

My father used to play this a lot when I was little, and now I'm playing it for Sebastian (I have the actual album, fortunately). The funny thing is that Sebastian's favorite part is when Don Octave sings "For the first time in my life, I'm going to do something right!", slips, and accidentally stabs himself in the heart with a horrible scream. :D
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Someone over on Askville had a brilliant idea a while ago. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that she's relatively new to the net.

Once a day, she asks "What song is stuck in your head today?". People respond by giving links to one or more songs on YouTube. I hadn't realized that almost every imaginable song is now available on YouTube. It's really amazing.
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This is so incredibly weird...George Takei narrates a documentary about the astonishing animatronic Chris Elliot.

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I have to admit that this made me laugh so much that I got tears in my eyes.

Lucky's funeral
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I love Jon Stewart.

Home again

Jan. 19th, 2009 09:56 pm
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We're home from Arisia. The ride home was smooth; the roads had been cleared. Once we got home we had to park on the street, because the driveway had been totally blocked by snow. But the new snowblower was able to clear everything out in about ten minutes.

The con went really well, I'd say. Teri didn't have as much fun as I did, unfortunately. While I was doing some of my panels, she was stuck over in Fast Track, keeping an eye on Sebastian (he was a kid-in-tow). She was bored. Next year Sebastian will be a full Fast Track participant, and she'll be able to leave him there on his own; that should be better for her (and him, for that matter!).

The panels all went quite well, although I was worried about the next-to-last. For a while it looked as if it would die without a whimper, but we got enough people to make it worthwhile. The RuneQuest panel was the biggest disappointment. The audience was very small (although they did have a lot of interest in the subject). I'm afraid I won't be suggesting a RuneQuest panel ever again.

Two of my panels were actually videotaped by Malden Cable Access! They're going to be putting the videos up on their site as well as broadcasting them, and I'll certainly post links to them as soon as I can. I took copious notes at almost all my panels, and will look them over with an eye to posting them. I promised to make a post on the Arisia community for each of the panels I moderated, and made the same suggestion to the moderators of the panels that I didn't moderate.

I got several business cards and email addresses from people I need to write to. One person told me about a cohousing place out in Berlin (MA) that has a fair number of roleplayers and an actual gaming room as part of the facilities; I suppose we can't afford it. But I can dream, can't I?

We all did Kamikaze Kids Costuming again. Sebastian insisted on making a Spongebob Squarepants costume; I was dubious, but it came out looking pretty good. He got a very good reception at the Masquerade.

Some of the hall costumes were great. Here's a video I took in the main hotel lobby on Saturday afternoon:

The Masquerade entries were good, but there weren't any that really took my breath away.

Speaking of the Masquerade, I was stunned to see that only half of the ballroom was used for the show; we got seats because we were Kamikaze parents, but as far as I could tell virtually all of the seats were reserved (and used) by people who were involved with the Masquerade in one way or another. I heard that over 100 people were turned away at the doors, and inside the place people were desperate for seats. It was broadcast in-house, of course, but that's never the same. We tried to watch the rebroadcast of the Masquerade in our room, but there was no picture at all! Just sound.

The Green Room (not the Masquerade one) was once again a disappointment for me. They rarely had hot food when I came by, and when they did, it wasn't anything I was interested in. It was also...well, the old group that ran the Green Room until the year before last set it up as a lovely, relaxing oasis for program participants. It was a little isolated and quiet. Seats were spotted here and there; you could chat with other participants or not, as suited you. But the current team have the room set up as a vast dining hall, with a long table down the middle and everyone sitting face-to-face. It's like summer camp, or a cafeteria. They also printed the location in the pocket program, and then stationed people to make sure that no one without a program participant badge could come in. I didn't try to see if I could bring in Teri or Sebastian...but I do wonder if I could have.

We did get a shot at the swimming pool. It's over the parking garage, and some of the passageway there is unheated! It was horribly cold, in fact. But once we got in to the pool area it was warm enough. The floor of the pool was very strange, sort of rubbery. We swam for a while. In the locker room after, we couldn't resist trying the two steam rooms there: one was full of steam, so much so that you couldn't see, and the other was filled with dry heat. It had rocks under a metal mesh, though, I and think I could have poured water on the rocks to make steam - but I didn't.

Whew! What a great long weekend. more later, I think.


Jan. 11th, 2009 01:53 pm
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Here's a sad video from deck four of the Disney Wonder. Sometimes Sebastian surprises me with his maturity.

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I don't know if LJ is dying or if it's just the holiday, but it's awfully quiet around here! I don't feel like writing much myself. I'm feeling lousy in all sorts of ways.

But I guess I'd better do some updates.

- Sebastian got the Nutshell Kids book collection in his stocking. They're four tiny little books by Maurice Sendak, and were all turned into songs by Carole King for the Really Rosie TV special. Sebastian has been reading the books every has been a really special time for us.

- I've managed to make flossing a regular part of Sebastian's evening routine. It should be a big help to him for the rest of his life.

- I picked up a card reader for $14 at BJs yesterday. You see, when I bought my computer I saved a few bucks by eliminating the card reader; I didn't really know what it was, and it sounded useless. But my camera needs to be powered on in order to transfer pictures from the SD card to the computer, and the process is very clunky; Windows doesn't interact well with my camera.

The connection often fails - not the actual wire, it's more like the camera goes into sleep mode and the computer forgets it existed - and even when it works, the transfer speed is really slow. It took nearly an hour to empty the 2GB chip!

What really pushed me over the brink was my attempt to show photos and video from our Disney trip to our families. Both of our families came over (on different days), and I tried various ways to get the pictures to display on our TV. A DVD simply failed. A data CD gave the message that the photos were an incompatible size. It was really frustrating!

Since we'd recently gotten a new router and hooked it up to the Wii, I downloaded their new Photo Channel 1.1 - it was free. It was also rather promising, and I was excited to see that you could use it to show photos and videos from an SD card. Once again there were problems, though. I discovered to my horror that Windows wouldn't allow me to copy pictures TO the camera. It was a one-way connection!

Our families aren't likely to visit again for a long time, but nonetheless I went and picked up a card reader. It let me throw about 30 photos and 30 videos on the SD card quickly and easily - it's SO good when technology works well. I put the card in the Wii, and was amazed at the results.

You can view individual photos and videos, edit them, turn them into puzzles, zoom in, etc. etc. You can also play videos backwards - and we all just about died of laughter watching Sebastian shoot up a water slide.

It was the slide show feature that was most impressive, though. It has a lot of options for control, but the default settings produced a simply lovely show. Photos and videos were shown in the order they were taken; the photos were displayed in various ways, zooming slowly in or out or across, with some really lovely and effective music playing as a soundtrack. Videos were intercut with the photos beautifully. Nintendo did a really great job, I must say!
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We arrived in Disney World on Sunday morning. We left for the Disney Cruise on Thursday morning. I recorded three video blog entries in my camera on the cruise. Unfortunately I was very hoarse, because I got a bad case of something that turned into bronchitis.

I'd almost rather not post these, because I'm so fat. It weirds me out to see myself looking like this. I don't think of myself this way.

I got cut off in the middle of the entry, so it's a two-parter. I recorded it in our stateroom, on Sebastian's bed.

Here's the rest of the entry:

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Here's a video I took of Widget two nights ago.

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Here we are at Fenway Park on Saturday. The Red Sox got their butts kicked by Toronto. Oh well!
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When Teri and Sebastian picked me up at the train station tonight, a song was playing on the CD player. It was "Triops Has Three Eyes" by They Might Be Giants, from their new CD Here Come the 123s. Now, the weird thing is that that song has been totally stuck in my head for the last couple of days - and I'd forgotten to put the MP3 on my MP3 player and didn't have it at work, so I was dying to hear it at the very moment that it was playing in the car.

What's more, it was on repeat! All by Sebastian's request, of course. It turned out that the same song has been going through his head for the last couple of days, too. We're so alike sometimes that it's hard to believe. And it's not as though we'd talked about the song earlier or anything like that...weird!

Hey, here's a link to a video of Triops Has Three Eyes!


Aug. 13th, 2008 11:46 am
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Everybody's seen this trailer, right?

I never have any expectations of movies made from Alan Moore books, because so far they've always been huge disappointments. Moore himself disavows all of the movies, of course. Still, it's kind of a cool trailer. I don't like the voice-overs, though - too hokey.

I wonder if they'll ever film Moore's Miracleman/Marvelman?
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On Friday Boston was hit with a pretty powerful thunderstorm and violent downpour.

How violent? Violent enough that water came pouring out of several mechanical closets at my work, on the sixth floor. One of them is less than 20 feet from my desk, so I grabbed a video:

That's my voice warning people to avoid the water (although I'm sure they all knew not to touch it - call it a parental instinct on my part. Or maybe arrogance). It was probably safe, but in my old job water leaked out of an electrical closet, and they had to shut the whole building down for a week or two. A maintainence guy told me later that we'd been lucky; there could have been an explosion that would have wrecked the whole building.

Anyway, they cleaned up here and there was no problem. I wish the phone had picked up the sound better; it really sounded like a waterfall run amok inside that closet.
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I posted this video as part of a long post in August 2006. But for some reason the embedding link broke. So I put up a new copy on YouTube today. Sorry it's so low-res, but I took it with the old camera.

I feel so bad! My poor little guy was so scared during the ride...I had no idea it would be so scary. :(


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