May. 8th, 2008

Oh my god

May. 8th, 2008 08:52 am
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I was just composing an article about Hillary over on Open Salon. It was going SO well; I was smiling and laughing at some of the stuff I wrote (and no, it wasn't a mean post).

Do you know what it's like when an article seems to be almost magically writing itself? When the words and jokes flow out so easily and beautifully? That's so fucking rare for me...I can't stand it.

I didn't compose it offline as a text file because I wanted to use some of the special editing features on the site. But when it ocurred to me that I'd better be safe and save, and clicked on "Save draft and preview", fucking Open Salon LOST MY ARTICLE COMPLETELY! And I stupidly didn't save a copy of the text first; I was lost in a warm creative glow.

This is so fucking painful. I can't stand it. I'm done with Open Salon for good.
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It arrived, and it looks really cool. But my monitor apparently won't work with it. The monitor isn't broken, mind you. I plugged it back in to my old machine, and it was fine. In fact, I'm using the old machine to write this right now.

But when I plug the monitor into the new machine and turned it on, nothing happened. Tried turning the monitor off and on, too. Nothing.

I'm not disappointed, because on some level I didn't expect it to work right away anyway. I wonder if the problem is that the monitor is simply too old? That seems very unlikely, but it IS over ten years old, I think. It's a Princeton Graphics 19-incher, an EO90.

I was planning on buying a new flatscreen anyway, so I'll probably get one tomorrow and see if that works instead. Does anyone know anything about LG as a brand? They have a 22-inch monitor that's $30 more than the Hannspree, but it seems to have much higher customer ratings - and the tech specs look considerably better too, to the extent that I understand them.

Funny, I'm just not that excited about the new system. But I'm not even disappointed at the anticlimax. Maybe I'm getting old.


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