Aug. 24th, 2010

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We watched an episode of The Greatest American Hero tonight via Netflix on the Wii. Unfortunately the pilot isn't available for streaming, for some reason.

I was a fan of the show when it was on, but I'd forgotten how good it was! And what really surprised me was how much it reminded me of another of my favorites, The Rockford Files. But that's not surprising, in hindsight; it's a Stephen J. Cannell show, and a lot of the people from Rockford worked on it. Heck, even the theme is by Mike Post! There's really quite a Rockford feel to it.

Interesting thing: There's also a bit of a Sopranos feel to it! Many of the people who worked on Rockford also worked on the Sopranos. All three shows definitely share a similar "feel" and lineage.
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We finished Alice In Wonderland. Sebastian liked it very much, more than I expected he would. But he was eager to get on to our next book, The Great Brain. And that one has him positively in stitches. He's laughed more over that book than any other we've read, so far. A sad chapter is coming up, though; I can't help but wonder how he'll react.


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