Aug. 4th, 2009 01:31 pm
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I may have forgotten to ask: is anyone here on I don't have any friends over there yet.
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Since the tone of politics seems to be changing in the USA, and since my political posts are likely to become less popular (or more annoying; your pick) under the new regime, most or quite possibly all of my political posts going forward will be made under my Politics filter. It seems a bit strange that I am feeling forced to climb inside a virtual bunker under these circumstances, but I can't deny the reality of what is going on; dissent is clearly going to be far less "acceptable" from now on. I don't want to have to worry about being flamed or having flist issues every time I make a political post, so I'm going under the filter.

This will eliminate my future political posts from search engines and the public view. Yes, this bothers me. No, I don't see a practical alternative.

If you want to be on the Politics filter, let me know. Unlike most of my other filters, however, I will not be automatically adding anyone who asks to be on it. Sorry, but if I feel that I'll have to worry about pissing you off, that would defeat the purpose of the filter in the first place.

Twelve or thirteen people are currently on that filter, by the way. I'll probably do a post on it later today; if you see it, you're in the filter.
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My old friend Steve is watching and reviewing every single episode of the original Star Trek. He's watching them in the original airing order, too. He created a blog just for that project, incidentally, in addition to his usual one.

Steve's a damned good writer, and funny as hell. So his blog is well worth a look. Unfortunately it's on Blogger, but what can you do?


Oh yeah: just in case the title didn't make it obvious, Steve never holds back.
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We're heading out for a weekend at the seashore, so I'll be offline. But there are a couple of things I wanted to write about. This is just a reminder to myself, more than anything else:

1. The Wednesday evening get-together with [ profile] unquietsoul5, [ profile] dancing_kiralee, C. and R in Cambridge. Lots of fun; I miss hanging out so much. I miss the city, too.

2. The carnival Friday night.
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(I started writing this a week ago Monday (Memorial day), got interrupted, and for some reason didn't get back to it until today.)

[ profile] charibdis and [ profile] klyfix came over yesterday, and my still-non-LJ friend flight-of-stairs took the bus up from New York on Saturday. The plan was for a get-together and barbecue: hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, salad, and watermelon (yum!). It went well.

But as we were all sitting around the dinner table (Sebastian was upstairs in his room, asleep), I couldn't help hinting that it would be fun to play a roleplaying game. Finally (after I got really obvious) [ profile] charibdis called my bluff.
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Now, I hadn't GMed for seven or eight years at least. And I have to say that I was amazed at how good it felt to be back in the GM's chair again. In fact, ever since that day I've felt up - way up. It's honestly amazing how much happier I've been in the last week, particularly considering that about 15% of my skin is bright red and itchy. I have a lot more energy, too; I've been able to some great workouts in.

I really missed GMing, I think, and the strange thing is that I never realized it.
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I'm thinking about cleaning out my friends list again. There are several people who either A) never friended me back, B) have been totally inactive for many months, or C) haven't responded to my comments or posts for a long time.

So fuck 'em.

Of course, that will leave about four people on the list (reality check: actually sixteen or so), but it's not like I'm getting anything out of the people I'll cut...and apparently they're not getting anything from me.

Sometimes I hate LiveJournal. It's so damned high school, know what I mean? Normally I'd have to go move in with my parents for three months to get the infantilizing effects of three bad minutes on LJ.

Actually I'm not in a bad mood, despite the above. How could I be? I'm listening to "Rudy Can't Fail" again! :D

Note to self: I really need to find something to write about. All this whining is starting to bore even ME.
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Yes, it's way too late to be up. (Sebastian woke up with a nightmare about a fox; he's asleep again now, but I stopped to check my email).

I don't know why [ profile] klyfix doesn't put stuff like this link (The 50 Most Loathsome People of 2004) in his journal; instead, he emailed it to me. It's the funniest thing I've read in a long time. And if you were wondering, this is just about exactly how I talk when I'm pissed off.

Fair warning, it's nasty - not in a pornographic sense, just that this guy is impressively pissed off and doesn't hold anything back. Fortunately, he's also funny as hell. I don't agree with all of his choices...but most of them. Call it 90%.
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Just a quick note to myself that Steve finally has a blog!


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